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  1. plumber

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    Got a guy wanting to trade me a male that is right off blackjack, and his mother is right out of blackjack. Never been around this blood, whats yalls thoughts? Good looking hound, blk and tan. I no ever dog is his own, but anybody have any luck with this blood. Wondering if they are to fast footed. Sure dont want a speed demon! Wondering if they were geared like blackcreeks.:headscratch: Thought it might be a good outcross to try one day. I no Blackjack is gone, so he might be of some value if he is a good male.
  2. I don't know it all but inline blackjack is some of the best blood there is. Their not speed demons. Most do have some good foot though and tons of hunt. I have a male out of blackjack that I'm wanting to get in a trial because I think he has what it takes to win. He can burn a rabbit up! I say watch him run and see what you think. If he runs like most blackjack dogs I don't think you will be disapointed!

  3. Got a year old pup that is blackjack blood, worst dog I ever owned. Figure he's gonna get a bullet soon. Want him? Nothing bad about this blood line, just saying obviously, there's good and bad in them all.
  4. Your right, there is good and bad in all of them. What's wrong with your pup? What's he doing wrong? Just curious
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    I have some Blackjack dogs and I really like them good track running med speed dogs that can speed up or slow down depending on scent conditions.
  6. FB

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    Generally speaking I prefer that "line" over anything I've tried so far. Most of my dogs have him at least once in their pedigree. Postoak Little Nip Otis was one of the top producing stud dogs in SPO and he's out of Black Jack.

    This is generally speaking again and not to start an argument but from the Blackcreeks I've personally seen run, he's probably gonna have more foot than they do.

    If you get him and he turns out to be faster than your others but is otherwise a good dog, I might be interested in him.
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    plumber i have 3 different dogs from the blackjack breeding 2 males and 1 female i love them all but the female is awesome. i would say they are a 5.5 or 6 on speed with great line control and great hunt. i like them so much i just breed a blackcreek bitch i own to a son of blackjack that terry nelson owns called shake rag hills strait shooter(awesome little dog) and i hope the pups will be just like my other blackjack dogs
  8. plumber

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    keep me updated on that, kinda my thinking too. I am getting a male straight out of blackjack, and on the dam side blackjack is her grandfather. I will pick him up tomorrow. Trading a fiest for him. I dont no if he will work out, but not scared to take a chance.:thumb:
  9. plumber

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    Picked up In-Line Black King Tut today. Blk and Tan, he is right out of FC In-Line Black Jack. His mother is BL Chopping Saver, her sire is Langleys Little Cody, which is right out off NSPC Wades Elm Street Cody. Her mother is FC BL Chopping Sally, which is right out off In-Line Black Jack. Here is a list of dogs 7 Gen. back. FC In line Black Jack all the way through the ped. FC Canoe Creek Jeb Stuart, FC Goodwater Burt, FC Canoe Creek Jolene, HOF FC Canoe Creek Burt, FC Goodwater Vanhook, FC Canoe Creek Dominoe, HOF FC Smiths Buzz Saw, HOF FC Robs Diamond 2, FC Farlers K Buck, HOF FC Luci Van Little Man, FC Buck Cannons Muffin, FC Cannons Buckwheat, NSPC FC Wades Elm Street Cody, FC High Rock Valene, HOF FC Colemans Line Controller, HOF FC Buzz Line Director. Maybe he will get it done, as he has the blood anyway. :thumb::whistle:
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    Good luck with him plumber.
  11. bseger

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    cant ask for a better pedigree than that. Good luck with him. i will let you know on the cross i made with shooter
  12. plumber

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    His whole ped is saved on the espo board ped creator. it is under IN-LINE BLACK KING TUT if someone could tranfer it here would be great. I am not that good yet. Thanks
  13. bseger

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    plumber, how old is this male and have you had a chance to run him yet if he is too strong for you let me know i may be interasted in him
  14. MackC

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    I had a female directly out of Inline black Jack. She had tons of hunt and would jump rabbits. she was a strait medium speed but did have a little extra mouth. I raised a pup out of her and an Otis male that is better than her mother. Both are beautiful black and tans.
  15. bglehound

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    bseger what part of the state are you in ? What is your blackcreek gyp out of ? Will you be selling any pups? How big is your female?
  16. plumber

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    King Tut's grandmother (FC B.L. Chopping Sally) on his mothers side, just placed all age reserve champion at the ubgf nationals, out of 80 13 inch females.:clap:
  17. bseger

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    bglehound,i live in north mississippi,my jip is out of mostly rabbit hunting stock from guys who hasnt trialed, i dont have her pedigree handy or i could tell you exactly how she is breed i will post it later if i can figure out how, she is 12 1/2 inches tall very well built and pretty fast . I will be selling a couple of the pups if she has any luck with them this will be her first litter, i will keep yall posted
  18. plumber

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    Took him out today with 6 other dogs. He did good, as he has not been fooled with untill now. He is starting to give good mouth, I ran him with 2 gyps that have got great line control, and both have upper medium speed. King Tut likes the front, I can tell he is not going to sit back. Going to keep feeding him rabbit tracks. So far so good.:thumb:
  19. jasondollar

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    inline black jack

    I too, have a direct son off inline black jack. he is 8 years old. man got in too bad of shape to do anything with him anymore. I was Lucky enough to get him. An awesome rabbit dog. outstanding hunt and med speed. I have just got him bred back to one of his offspring to double up on the inline stuff because I like it so well. he has produced to my knowledge, one other litter and most of the pups turned out to b good rabbit dogs. cant wait for this next litter to hit the ground. Good old dogs with outstanding sires this close up in a legit pedigree can b a great thing.
  20. jasondollar

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    if you get this dog, and he is a GOOD rabbit dog, I would love to breed one of my females to him.