in case of emergency medication

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  1. we carry a small plastic tote that my wife calls the puppy repair kit with several things in it for the dogs in case of emergency including suture, scapel, artificial tears, antibiotic ointment, penicillin, dexamethasone, gauze, scissors, vet wrap, super glue, pad heal, i v fluids, needles, syringes, nail clippers, and staple gun. just wondering what everyone else carried with them?
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    I keep a selection of articles in my storage area in my dog box. Kinda like my plastic card I don't leave home without it. You never know what you may encounter. This includes supplies for people too.. K.J.


    OH! Thought I needed to add this , I always carry a roll of tissue also , just in case an emergency might arise. You know what I mean?

  3. keep in mind my wife is a nurse and she tries to always be prepared you never know whats gonna happen next.
  4. i'm thinking about just hunting with your wife she seems to carry just about everything. lol
  5. Well, I carry almost exactly what you mentioned that you carry. It all started because I belong to a hunting club that is pretty far in the sticks, and it is not convenient to go to town once you are there. While doing some work to the clubhouse I cut my hand really bad and there was nothing there to doctor myself with! I had to drive to town, with my hand in a towel, bleeding everywhere to get some supplies. I learned a very valuable lesson though and decided that I would never have to do that again!

    Once I made up my kit, I just added some things for the dogs like the pad kote, eye flush, clippers, and vet wrap for them in addition to what I already had.

    If I go anywhere off the beaten path--running dogs, hunting, fishing etc., it goes too GUARANTEED!!