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Im sold on Blackcreeks now

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I picked up my 6 month old pup from the running pen this morning and took her to the woods this afternoon along with 3 other bc females and I cant tell you how impressed I was with her. Ive never in my life owned a dog with as much hunt as she's got at her age and with no more experience than she has.

I like everything about her. She can run the heck out of a rabbit and do it the way I like for it to be done.

She didnt get a whole lot of the front because the other dogs have alot more experience than she does but when she did get it she ran it like she was supposed to and when she didnt have it she slotted up just as pretty as you could ask for.

I tried to watch as much as I could and I only saw her mess up twice. She backtracked one time for about 20 or so yards and she gave an extra bark or two a couple of times on a loss. I know its earlyand I dont want to get my hopes built up too much just yet but if thats all I can find wrong with her on her first trip to the woods, I wish I had some more just like her. :up:
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Glad you had a good run and like I have said before they don't all work out but some do and even get better with age good Luck!
FB glad she is worken out for ya . Tiggs has 3 litters on ground & so far all 3 are heavy hunters & clean line & clean mouth with plenty foot & brains. Not sayen its all him but all 3 breedens have way above average hunt.
Everybody is a little different I guess but on my scale Id say theyre a 5 or 6 on most days.
Im a little worried about her foot speed right now. She runs at or near the back most of time.

The good part is that it doesnt seem to bother her so she doesnt fight or cut to get to the front. She just slots up and runs the line and for me, thats a good thing. She will pop off every and now and then on a check but nothing major and nothing I cant live with. She might grow out of that with a little more experience and Im hoping that might make her pick up a step or two also.

I know I need to run her by herself some but dadgum thats hard to do when youve got a job and a kennel full of dogs.
Im pretty green when it comes to rabbit dogs. So just what r these black creek dogs?
Medium speed, line control hound most have pretty good hunt. Most of them have short tails. You can see pics of a few of them on this site under pics and videos
Oh yea, you can look on my wife's website at my dogs www.dachscountrykennel.com or Robbie Crossfield's website www.blackcreekbeagles.com and several more that you can find on this board just don't know their http by heart

easy you will get the black creek feaver if your not carefull. Theres no vaccination for this desease
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