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Im off to the woods

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Me and some buddies are headin' down south for a weekend of swamp rabbit huntin'.

One of em is in a deer lease that for some reason has quite a few swampers. They see em all the time going to and from their deer stands. Now that deer season is over we're gonna go down and try to thin em out a little bit. :wink:

We'll hunt this afternoon, all day tomorrow, and Sunday morning, then head home.

Ive got my dog trailer loaded up with every running dog Ive got.

Gonna put a few down and when they get tired go back and get some more. :up:

Hopefully Ill have alot of pictures when we get back.
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Are you down in my neck of the woods FB?

Hope yall had fun Freddie, I had to work. Just glad someone got to run. Hope the scenting was high all weekend
We were at Warren so we werent too far from you.

We didnt kill many rabbits but the running was awesome. Some of the races lasted over two hours. They ran one yesterday for close to 2 1/2 hours and I had to catch em off it cause it was almost dark. I saw that rabbit 3 times and shot at him twice and missed both times. Gary saw him twice and shot once and Jason saw him twice and missed twice. :smack:

We hunted pine thickets that were about 30 feet tall with lots of briars and underbrush. The rabbits werent as plentiful as we thought theyd be and the ones we did find were hard to get a shot at due to the undergrowth.

We didnt get to the woods till about 2:30 Friday afternoon. I put down 4 dogs and they jumped a swamp rabbit and ran him for over an hour with very few breakdowns and the ones they had were short. The longest one was probably less than a minute. It was one heck of a race and I dont think I could have been any more proud of em.

We ended up running 5 and killing 4 and I thought we were going to wear em out but it didnt work out that way.

We killed one rabbit Saturday and one rabbit Sunday. :down:

We had plenty of chances but none of us could hit our you know what Saturday and Sunday. We should have killed at least 8 or 10 more but just couldnt hit em for some reason.

We had a blast though. :thumb:

This is Gary with a couple that he shot:
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This is me in the top picture and Jason in the bottom one:
Been waiting on this report all weekend. Thanks for sharing the pics. A picture is worth a thousand words. Just think of it like this all of the ones you missed will be there to reproduce. Spring is comming and the rabbits will be breeding
Good pictures I'm glad you had some go running and killed a few rabbits but that missing shots sound like what I would do
Glad you had a good hunt Freddie. :thumb: It isn't always easy is it? It is hard to get a decent shot around this part of the country sometimes too! Sounds like your hounds did a super job running the bunnies as well. :clap: After all that's what we feed them to do. I'm sure every shot you guys had was just a blurrrrrr Right?:whistle:

Yeah, I made the only "easy" shot I had. You can tell from the pictures a little bit about what we were hunting in. Not necessarily the easiest stuff Ive ever hunted and like you said, most of the time you saw a blur go by.

A couple of more guys were supposed to go with us but they didnt make it. Two or three more shooters scattered through there might have helped but who knows.

The bottom line though is that I got to go hunting instead of having to work, the dogs got some really good experience, and I had a good time rabbit huntin' with some buddies. :thumb:
I know what you mean FB I like to go and just listen to the dogs run without even taking my gun. Especially when they pack good and conditions help make for excellent running.
looks like everybody had a great time and thats what counts
We had a blast and Im ready to go again. I cant believe we've never done anything like that before.
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