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Hounds and Hunting is always looking for writers for the magazine. If you want to,why not try to put together an article for the magazine and send it in? If you are concerned with grammar and sentence flows etc, I would be more than happy to help edit one of your articles for publishing and readability. I may be a hillbilly and a math guy but I am actually decent at proofreading, lol. Just PM me.

It doesn't have to be a long article either. Sometimes the multiple page articles are hard to get through. You could write a one-pager on something that is on your mind about your dogs. I have learned a lot from some of the more experienced guys on this board. Why not share with the rest of the beagling world some of the things that helped shape your kennel and your beagling experience? I am going to post some ideas, but I would encourage you all to add to them here on this thread. What would you like to read about in the magazine?

Here are some ideas about what to write about:

  • How your bloodline got to where it is today
  • Breeding decisions from the past. (Why you made them, what worked out, what didn't work out...)
  • How to linebreed properly and when to outcross
  • How to breed to fault
  • Building a great kennel (actual physical setup)
  • How to put a good pack together
  • How to run large pack (many of us SPO and/or rabbit hunter guys have no clue what its like)
  • The best hound I ever owned was ___
  • The best hound I ever saw run was ____
  • The impact social media has had on the sport and on your bloodlines (Facebook, Rabbitdogs.net, AmericanBeagler, etc)
  • Stories of your favorite hunts you've ever taken
  • Methods on starting dogs
  • Helping dogs develop through mistakes and shortcomings (how to fix a mouthy dog, build a dog's confidence, help its checkwork, etc)
  • How you got into beagling
  • People that the sport has introduced you to
  • Your rabbit hunting bucket list
  • Preparing for a litter and raising puppies
  • Picking out puppies from a litter
  • How you judge your own hounds
  • Funny stories that happened in the field
  • Recipes for rabbit
  • What do you keep in your truck or dog box?
  • What is in your dog first aid kit?
  • What do you look for in a dog
  • If I could go back and do it all over again, I would ___
  • Teaching a dog handling
  • Beagling terminology
  • Faults you can put up with, faults you can't
  • What is good conformation?
  • How to tell a bitch is in heat, what to do about it
  • Medical lessons you've learned over the years
  • Stories about hunting with your kids or grandkids
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