ideal size pen

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by semohunter, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. semohunter

    semohunter New Member

    im building a new pen trying to keep it small as possible due to room is a 16' x 8' big enough for three runs they would be 5.3'x8' each plan on having 2 dogs per run
  2. FB

    FB Administrator Staff Member

    If you get em out and run em a little I would think theyd be fine. Lots of above ground kennels arent anywhere near that size.

  3. semohunter

    semohunter New Member


    that is what i was thinking i got a couple pens on legs might be 2'x6'
  4. Daniel B

    Daniel B New Member

    I am building 3 pens now that are 5 x 8 and I am planning on keeping 2 dogs to the pen. I think it should be plenty of room.
  5. That will be plenty of room
  6. Bglenut

    Bglenut New Member

    The more you run/hunt your hounds the less room a kennel has to have. Year round running a great for hounds.

    I like the 6x10 size for 2 hounds.
  7. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    6 x 10 works grat for 2 hounds
  8. Beagler282

    Beagler282 Active Member

    I have 5 runs 5'x14' with 2-3 dogs in a run.Like yall said just get em out and run em some.