I Read That AKC Is going Out Of Business

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by salzer mtn, Mar 12, 2010.

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    The link doesnt work.

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    If this link don't work the article said akc is planning on going out of business in 2025 because in recent years registrations have been way down.
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    believe it when i see it they charge to much as it is
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    One of the complaints again akc was according to the write up, that people are blaiming akc because a lot of different breeds reg by akc has health problems due to too much inbreeding. People say that by akc registering closely related dogs it has promoted bad health. It said that people are not buying these high priced akc house pet's but rather going to the animal sherlters to buy dogs. This is all promoted by and advertised on tv. by animal activist. I see these comercials all the time on tv. In my own oppinion , i think these akc puppy mills that just breed for the dollar bill and are breeding the culls to culls just to make puppy's to sell in pet store's that will have all kinds of health problems have ruined akc.
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    agree with you on that
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    there not high dollar. but i have some High Maintenance house pets.:beagle: