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I ran dogs with a couple of legends this morning

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Thats Mr. Harper on the left and Mr. Goss on the right.

Those two know "a little bit" about rabbit dogs. :wink:
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We had some pretty good running for the most part.

They put down a pack of 5 & 6 month Blackcreeks that you could have rabbit hunted with. I was really suprised at how good they were for their age. They ran a cottontail pretty good but they jumped a swamp rabbit a little later and smoked him till we caught em off of him.

Those little fellas had all kinds of hunt in em. :thumb:

We put those up and turned out some 6 -8 month olds and they didnt do too bad themselves.

They didnt get to run as long cause we had to quit and go watch the Razorbacks but I had a great time. I got to run dogs with two fine gentlemen (they paid me to say that :razz: ) and see some good dog work. :thumb:

I took some video that Im gonna try to upload in the next couple of days when I get some time.
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We had a great time running dogs today....Thanks Freddy for the invite to the site and your willingness to listen to two old dog men....hope you liked the good races we had today.
FB wished ya would have made ole Harp pull his hat out, ya could of seen the sun glear off his bold knogen. LOOOOOL
I dont have one of Harp with his hat off but Ive got one of Coach with his off.

Before I put it on here let me talk to him and see how much he'll pay me NOT to post it. :wink:

I enjoyed the heck out of it and I learned a long time ago that you can learn an awful lot if youll listen to "old dog men".

Heck, if I hadnt gone with yall yesterday I wouldnt have learned that Martin Luther King was such an avid rabbit hunter. :fit:
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