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I bought another female that Ive been wanting

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Her name is Spring River Left You There and she is a full litter mate sister to a female of mine, Spring River Hoppy. They are double Little Nip Otis and also have Trackem Rite Run and Gun Hossbreeze in their pedigree.

I tried to buy her a couple of years ago and the guy wouldnt sell her but I guess I caught him at the right time (for me anyway), last Saturday. I think I was more excited that day than I was Christmas morning!

Ive been trying to line breed Otis and Hossbreeze and this should really help me out with that.

Ive got a male out of Hoppy that I really like and I plan to breed her to Lefty which is his aunt.

I also plan to breed Gus (Hoppy's son that is sired by FC Sam's Hustling Otis-he's a Little Nip Otis so with another cross of Otis) to a female that I have out of Hoppy if she turns into the dog that she looks like she's going to. She is sired by a Hossbreeze grandson and that would be a half brother/half sister cross.

Im a firm believer in line breeding but Ill have to wait a year or two to let yall know if any of this worked or not...
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Gotta keep puttin' that good blood back in there. :wink:
She used to be. Tim and Leonard actually liked her the best out of the litter. She hasnt been run much lately and is a little out of shape right now.
Good luck with her FB and congratulations on getting her.
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