I am in trouble... gone and done it now...

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  1. Missi's lil Branko Jyp opened Saturday morning for the first time!!!!

    I took the whole clan to Watensaw, this was the first time Missi was able to join me with Ki-Ki (her hound). CHase, hunter, Twister were in race and took the bunny down and back in between two fields, then accross th road (dern near ran under the truck). When they hit the big woods on the other side of the road Ki-Ki opened. I have to tell ya, it was not pretty, sounded like somebodyt had her strung up ut there!!! But she was doing it!!!

    Of course I was not on top of them (too fast for me) but I will say that she was tonguing correctly, or when she scented... she told the rest about it. SHe was not just out there barking.

    We had a cpl more races, she sounded out on them as well.
    Then we had the oppertunity to get a swamper going, was real wet when they struck, took about 5 minutes to get him moving... then out of hearing (except for that schreek of a bark :D:thumb:. Then back toward me... they had a breakdown... I am guessing about 75-100 yards away... and be damned if Ki-Ki did not get the check... she barked twice... then the whole clan joined in and they were off again. I told Missi that I would have to give that to her, even though I did not see it, I could tell what happened.

    I believe Missi is a bit more excited about running the hounds now that hers is out there with them!!!!
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    Yep, it sounds like you've gone and done it now for sure. Congratulations by the way everyone I know wants a hound that can be picked out of the pack!!!!!


  3. LMAO!!!! That was funny right there...
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    Was that Branko quicker than the rest of the dogs ?
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    When you are running with your buddies you should always be able to pick out your dog. ( If you can't see them )

    Your dog should be the dog that jumped the rabbit,
    Your dog should always be the one out front.
    Your dog picked up the check
    The line is right between your dogs legs, his hounds must be swinging wide.

    I can always pick out (my ) hound and I don't want to argue about it
    even if it sounds just like your hound.:D
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    That's the way it works alright. If you don't make all of those claims you just take all of the fun out of it. I saw 2 old men or at least they were old compaired to me back then almost come to blows over that one night. One fellow was calling ole Tubby his hound all night and Tubby's owner didn't say a word. The next Friday night he started doing it again and Buddy who was Tubby's owner told him that he was mistaken then the other guy told him he needed a hearing aid that he couldn't tell a braying jackass from a train whistle and let me tell you it regressed from there. He actually thought Tubby was his dog and the ole guy got mad drew a line in the gravel road and told Buddy he had better not cross it. We were tickle about the goings on and I guess that must have rubbed off on them too because Buddy picked up his lawn chair walked over to line and sat his chair down looked over the line and said I'll take care of this side you take care of yours and hollared at the hounds saying, " kick his azz Tubby you bray'n sob."

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    congrats dennis and missi. i am trying to get my trails pup started. getting a little frustrating
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    I fell out of my chair,
    Dat was funny