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OK - so the huntview plus card is a small sd card that inserts into your Alpha 100/200/200i or Astro 320/430. It has landowner info, hunting management units, boundary outlines of property and birdseye satellite imagery.

And it just got better:
  1. It ships FREE at Okie Dog Supply: CLICK HERE
  2. It is now updateable! Oh yeah....if you have a 2021 or 2022 card or soon the 2023 huntview plus, in the spring, there will be a link released that makes the card updateable with current-ish landowner info and regulations for hunting (personal note here: if you're in the woods, you need to make sure you know the local regulations).
So, even if you bought the huntview plus card last year or throughout this year, hang onto it. In the spring, you can update it once the link is released. How sweet is that?!

Keep'em Runnin
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