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huntin'/runnin' this morning-dog evaluation

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You have to go when you get the chance though and I had a chance this morning so I went even though it was pouring down rain.

I got cold and wet and miserable and didnt fire a shot but the dogs got alot of work and that was worth the trip. They ran the heck out of some rabbits, it was just so thick that I couldnt see much by myself.

I ran 5 of my "regulars" and they must have run this one rabbit for close to 2 hours. They had their share of breakdowns but it usually didnt take long to get him lined out again. They jumped one on a ditchbank and he'd run down it till they were almost out of hearing then he'd run a big circle in a field full of sage grass till he was almost out of hearing, then repeat the whole process. In all that time I never laid eyes on him so I caught em off of him when they had a loss on the 5th circle (assuming it was the same rabbit).

I caught those dogs and put down 4 of my bc females. It was the first time Id ever ran all of em together and I wanted to get a good look at em.

They all have pretty good hunt but one of em had what Id call extreme hunt. She was lookin' everywhere she could get to trying to find a rabbit. She's a heck of a rabbit dog but Im not sure she's gonna be what Im looking for so she might be for sale before long. She didnt really run the line quite the way I want one to do it and she got out a little farther in the check area than I like, but she kept the race going several times and can flat run a rabbit. My biggest problem with her is that she's shy and a little bit hard to catch. With more time I can probably get her to come to me but I had to go out and catch her this morning when it was time to leave. I guess thats a downside to having alot of desire and I can live with having to catch a dog that wants to keep going and doesnt want to go home.

Another one of the females just came off a litter of pups and this is only the second time she's been ran since she had em. I could tell she was a little rusty and out shape but I also saw some potential in her. Im gonna run her as much as I can and I think she'll be alot closer to what Im looking for than the other female.

I saw alot of things I like in the other two also but they need more running. The guy I got em from told me they hadnt been run much but Ive already started working on that. :wink: They did a pretty darn good job for no more experience than they have.

Ill keep yall updated on how they look after I run em more.
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Looking forward to seeing them in action.Maybe we will be able to get together soon a slay some bunnies like last season.:up:
you guys ever hunt closer to sw arkansas---i would like to hunt with you two one day
That sounds like fun maybe we can get together sometime.Are you still running Candy if so how's she doing?
yes she is doing fine--deer season is over before long and it will get a little more serious. i want to add a 2-3 year old to my mix this year because candy and ozzie are getting up in age. been talking to freddie about a little 11 in female he has but i have not offered a trade he is interested in yet.
How far would Ed Gordon be from you?

Thats about the only place that far east that I know of to hunt. You know of a good place down that way? I might be up for a road trip. :wink:

I think we ought to get a group together and set up a day in January and go to Ed Gordon (or some other public land around central Arkansas) and meet and run some dogs and maybe even shoot a rabbit or two.
Its just outside of Morrilton.
how about south---i live close to texarkana---prescott---hope area
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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