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    nice looking hounds

  2. I really like looking at your website and enjoyed all the pictures of the rabbits you have taken the last few years. I have recently purchased a Blackcreek female that goes back to Pon Run Teddy on the bottom side and back to Pon Run Ted II on the top side and I am very happy with her.
  3. thanks, i enjoy running and hunting my dogs and fooling with my website.
  4. Bglenut

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    Hey Steve - good to see you on here.

    Great site and keep up the great work you been doing to it.

    Whats you plans on breeding dogs this spring / summer ?
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    Nut, he plans on breeding three bitches.
    1. FC Bo-D
    2. FC Gomer
    3. Rebel's brother Copper owned by popcorn. Copper is producing some nice puppies.
  6. Bglenut

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    Thanks Derek - I wasn't sure if he was going to raise pups or not this year.

    I guess I need to put my name in now for a couple Bo-D and Copper pups - Males or females
  7. i'm planning on breeding one of my rebel bitches to gomer,one of my banjo bitches to bo-d and the other banjo bitch to copper.
  8. Bglenut

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    Put my name down for a couple from the Bo-D and Copper litters

    Male AND/OR Females

    Thanks Steve,

    David N. Riley II - Bglenut
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    Checked out your website today. Very well done! Goodlookin good bred dogs.
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    Good looking site.
  12. some good looking hounds and a nice site
  13. good looking hounds:up: