Hunted in the snow today-pictures

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by FB, Jan 3, 2010.

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    I know for alot of yall that aint a big deal but we dont get to do it very often down here.

    And as bad as it was today, Im glad we dont get it anymore than we do. We never jumped a rabbit at the place where I took these pictures. We left there and went a little further north out of the snow and had some decent races but I never got a shot.
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    A couple more:

  3. Nice pictures Freddie where did you take them

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    NE AR
    NICE PICS:up:
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    I was doing a little scouting on the Cache River NWR between Augusta and Mcrory (sp).

    Rabbits should have been everywhere but I guess the hawks had gotten most of em. There must have been 4 or 5 different ones flying over that field.

    It was the first time most of my dogs had seen snow and they werent really sure what to make of it.