How's the hunting been

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Crofford, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Crofford

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    My vacation ended yesterday.We had a couple of decent hunts with some good races,but didn't kill many rabbits.Things started out really good this year but seemed to have slowed down some since.How's everone else been doing.
  2. Had some good races so far . Been caring my pups with a couple of old dogs

  3. dbounds

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    I've had good races. Went to Wattensaw today with Dennis Detar. Took a while to find rabbits but once we did the runs were good. Dennis found a deer shed today and you could tell it was this years. I didn't know bucks would drop them this early.
  4. Owl Creek

    Owl Creek New Member

    :banghead: poor running!
  5. beagleman01

    beagleman01 Active Member

    good days and bad days here
  6. Jeff Gammon

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    Mostly good running. We hadn't killed many though. We don't hunt all that much and season is about over for us. We stop gun hunting the end of Jan. even though the season here goes through Feb. We have killed does with little rabbits in them in Feb., so we choose not to hunt in Feb. We will still be out there running though
  7. FB

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    This has been a pretty bad year for me.

    We've ran a few pretty much every time we've gone but most of the places that we're finding rabbits in this year are so thick you cant see em to shoot.

    I like to run my dogs but I like to shoot my guns too. :thumb:
  8. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    Yea, you got to let them dogs smell a litle powder from time to time, so they know what they were bread for

    SHOOTER New Member

    NE AR
    Its been an ok year so far killed a few but not many