How to tell the sex of a rabbit

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    I have enclosed an old hay loft and decided to let some rabbits run free and breed. Trying to raise some to put in the starting pen but mainly just to restock the farm here. Problem is, I've caught 7 or 8 rabbits, and only one I was positive of the sex. There was no doubt it was a buck because of the swollen testicles. It's my understanding that this only happens during the rut. I've put 2 wild rabbits in the enclosure that I thought were does along with 1 Missouri-Eastern mixed rabbit that I know is a buck. Been finding alot of hair scattered on the floor. That makes me think I have more than one buck and they've been fighting. I don't want to put anything else in there but does but really don't know how to tell the difference. Any suggestions?:headscratch:
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    The buck has a pecker and the doe don't.

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    Pretty cool information Shotgun John.

  4. push down there and when it pops out, if its round its a boy, if its a slit, its a girl.
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    i always thought when you saw that fur laying around on the ground it was from them nesting. so my thought would be that you have some of each.
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    Thanks for the link John. I think I must have some younger rabbits I'm trying to identify cause it's not as obvious as the pictures in the link. Guess I'll find out soon enough.