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    There are two ways to post pictures on the forum.

    Save the picture you want to show on your hard drive or a disk.

    Click on the "New Thread" button in the forum you want to display the picture in.

    When the page opens, scroll down and click on "Manage Attachments".

    In the new window that will open click on "Browse".

    Locate the picture you want to show and then click on "Upload".

    This will take a few moments depending on your connection speed but once the picture uploads, click "Submit New Thread" and your picture should appear.

    There is a size limit on pictures that can be uploaded of 100kb's.

    If yours are too large you can downsize them at the following sites if you dont have a program of your own:

    The other way to show your pictures is to first upload them to a server such as Photobucket.

    Right click on the picture you want to display, then click "Properties".

    You shold see something similar to this:

    Copy the URL and go to the forum where you want to display the picture.

    Once you get to where you want the picture displayed, wrap the URL in image tags or click the Insert Image icon (right click the icon and youll see the image tags before and after the URL).

    Paste the URL between the image tags, click "Submit" and your picture should show up on the forum.

    Its not as complicated as it sound and once youve done it once or twice it will get easier.
  2. BRamsey

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    How do you post multiple pics on 1 post?

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    You do everything the same way except if your uploading them to this server you should see three boxes so youll put a file name in each one. Three is the most you can upload at one time on this site.

    If your pictures are uploaded to a server such as Photobucket you just put the url and the image tags, then space down and put the next url along with image tags for it.

    I know it sounds complicated but once you do it a couple of times its not that bad.
  4. BRamsey

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    Thanks for the help FB
  5. FB

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    No problem. The more people we can get posting pictures the more enjoyable the site will be for everyone.

    If you use Photobucket, be sure and use the url that allows you to post them on a message board.

    Then just put the image tags [ ] on each end with img in the first one and /img in the second one and the url of your picture in between.
  6. BRamsey

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    Thanks again FB now I know what image tags are. And I like looking at dog pics. My wife and I have been trying to get my pics larger for a solid hour with no luck. Any ideas? Maybe I need to retake them with our camera. Or am I just doing something wrong?
  7. FB

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    There are several programs online that you can use to make em smaller, but Im not sure about making them bigger.

    Using a different setting on your camera will help in the future. Thats what I do then downsize them to what I want with some software I have on my computer.
  8. BRamsey

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    Yeah, thats what we've ran into. We can make them smaller but not bigger. I'll try retaking them. Thanks again,FB.
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    The directions were so clear even I could follow them.
  10. turkey fork

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    Can you upload pictures usings a mobile browser and if so how?
  11. FB

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    I know Photobucket has an app that you are supposed to be able to use to upload pictures but Ive never tried it.

  12. nolanh

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    Does anyone know how to post pictures from an I-Phone?:headscratch:
  13. Domnload Photobucket App first
  14. Just learned Nolan not very hard u have to download pics from phone to photobucket then touch pic in albem touch URL below pic copy move to site open post touch box that opens it will sa paste touch paste then it's on will check with u later to c if u gotit your phone has to b upgraded to 4.0 to have photobucket
  15. [​IMG]
    This one of several Ginsmoke dogs I have!
    I'll try and post some more later!
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    Is this dog for sale
  17. beagler

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    Posting video's

    Can I get a quick tutorial on posting a video?
  18. andrew3d

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    #1. First, upload your video to YouTube.

    View this video on how to do that.


    #2. Then after you have successfully uploaded your video to YouTube, paste the link (url) of that video on YouTube into your message here on rabbitdogs where you want it to show up.
  19. Austin

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    To post those videos to the forum simply copy and paste the URL into the post response box and it will automatically parse.