How much ivomec per pounds

Discussion in 'Beagle Health' started by Hoot, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. Hoot

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    Hey guys just wondering how much ivomec to use I am scared of this stuff because i killed one of my dogs a couple of years ago with this stuff.But i know i need to something to ward off them heart worms
  2. I use 1 tenth cc per 10 pounds once a month

  3. Jeff Gammon

    Jeff Gammon Active Member

    2 tenths is plenty for most beagles
  4. thats what we give to 1 tenth cc per 10 pounds also dont use the ivermec plus
  5. deltadog

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    Per a Dr. at MS State you can give a half of 1cc with no problems.... So I wouldnt be worried. I've been doing it for years now with no problems.
  6. 1/4 cc every other monday
  7. cdp

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    i mix 1/10 cc per pound with 2cc oj or soda
  8. rosco

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    We go with 1/10 cc per pound 1 time a month.
    Some guys make it easy and just go with .2/10 cc for each beagle
  9. Crofford

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    1/10 cc per 10 pounds of body weight once a month.I've been doing it for years and have had no problems.I mix it with about 1 cc of water or juice and put it in their mouth
  10. bterry

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    Im kinda new to the ivomec use but have started using it and have questions of my own. If your giving injectable ivomec why would you give it to them by mouth?
  11. High Rock Beagles

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    BTerry needle's cost money. I only give it in shot form if they can't keep it down. I give it orally 1/10 cc per 10 lbs. straight up. Using a tuberculin syringe, it is a 1cc syringe.
  12. bterry

    bterry New Member

    High rock as long as there are no problems giving it orally i say keep doing it. I think I'm going to keep injecting it the needles may cost money but I havent found anything for my dogs thats free.
  13. rosco

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    I give it orally because its easy.
  14. MackC

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    I've been using it for 25 tears orally with good results. 1/10cc per 10 lbs. I will inject it under the skin if I am treating a dog with mange to get it in the blood stream quicker.
  15. my uncles have been using ivomec for many years we give a beagle 1/2cc once a month and it gets heart worms and others. it doesn't get tape worms so they always used nomo for the tapes. i have switched to using liquid safeguard everyother month and the month they don't get safeguard i give them equimax which has ivomec and praziquantal this takes care of all the worms. summer time sometime all i use is the equimax.
  16. im curious when the last time all the people who said "i give 1/10 cc per 10lb and i dont have any problems" got their dogs tested... i was doing that until one dog died from caval syndrome and i learned all dogs were infected. i was just like yall and thought i didnt have a problem. heartworrms take years too cause damage creating problems that are obvious.
  17. i've had hounds checked and they have came up clean on all worms. i had one gyp die on me no sickness no simptums of any problems. went out of town for the day went to feed and she was laying in her pen dead. i took her in and had an ortopsy done on her. the doc said he figured heart worms he check and she had nothing he check intestinal worms and she had nothing. he said she was the cleanest dog he'd seen and thought she was a house dog which she wasn't. she had died from a pulmenary anurisum. on the worming he just said to keep up with what i was doing and i have and do.
    safeguard everyother month and equimax the month between.
  18. dbounds

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    Just a little warning. My Vet told that sunlight can make your ivermect go bad. I'm not against saving money, but a lot of the generic ivermect comes in glass bottles. If it sits in a feed store and is exposed to light 24/7 I wouldn't be surprised if some of it goes bad? That's why I always buy the name brand that comes in a conainer in a box. I always store it in the box in a cabinet in the house. I also make sure I don't sit it in the sun when I'm down at the kennels giving it to the dogs. If you have a bottle go bad and continue to give it for 6 months to a year, then your dogs are unprotected!
  19. Larry

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    I have use ivomec for heartworms for 30 years. I mix one bottle of Ivomec to 4 bottles of glycol and keep it in a plastic bottle not exposed to light. My vet mixes it 1 ivomec to 6 bottles of glycol, but says mine works fine. I have a 13 year old beagle I got for my grandson when he was three and she has been on this and is still in good shape