How long have you been hunting / owned beagles

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by Crofford, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Crofford

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    Just wondering how long everybody has been rabbit hunting and owned beagles.I started rabbit hunting with ninja turtle when we were in high school I didn't have any beagles I was still bird hunting then,but ninja turtle had some good ones.He got me to going with him and we had a lot of fun.He sold his dogs when he went away to college and I did'nt get to rabbit hunt much until 6 years ago when I decided to get back into rabbit hunting and started raising beagles of my own.Ninja turtle just lives a few miles away now and went hunting with me one day about 4 years ago.He decided to get back into rabbit hunting too and got some more beagles.Now we are both hunting and raising dogs again.
  2. beagleman01

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    been rabbit hunting with my dad and rasieing beagles since mid 70's

  3. I have own beagles off and on since I was a teenager I rabbit hunted every time I have own beagles
  4. FB

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    I started hunting when I was around 5 or so. I was the only beagle my dad and grandpa had. Id wade into a briar patch or thicket and kick rabbits up and theyd shoot em. I was pretty good at it too and had an honest mouth. If I ever opened they knew to get their guns ready. :razz:

    Ive owned beagles off and on for around 15 years or so. Ive sold out twice but always seem to get back into it a few years later.
  5. Jeff Gammon

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    Started going rabbit hunting when I was 5 thats when dad bought me my first .410. He started taking me to run dogs before I can remember. I will be 44 in a few weeks, so I guess you could say my whole life. I have had my own dogs off and on since high school
  6. john c

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    Ive owned hounds for 21 years. Im 45 now so thats just about half my life.
  7. Had my first rabbit hunt year before last. Last year was my first year with my own beagles. Been deer hunting since I was seven. Forty now.
  8. dbounds

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    I have pictures of me holding a beagle pup when I was four. My dad bought me my first pair when I was in the eighth grade. Hunted them for a year then we had to move and we sold them. He bought me another pair when I was a Senior in highschool and I haven't been without a pack since. I'll be 47 next month so I guess I've had a pack or at least a pair for 30 years. Man I'm old. I never counted up the years before.

    "A man's got to believe in something, I believe I'll go run my dogs"
  9. plumber

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    Been at it for myself about 10 years now, but been rabbit hunting before that. Raised dogs all my life, moved on to raising and running beagles.:thumb:
  10. I have had beagles for about 18 years now but most of the dogs I had were deer dogs but I have had rabbit dogs only for about the last 4 to 5 years and really enjoy the rabbit dogs alot more than the deer dogs.
  11. pa beagler

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    i'm 37 and i've been rabbit hunting for the last 10 yrs. i've owned my own dogs for 9 yrs. i can't ever see me without beagles.:clap:
  12. RKW

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    I got my 1st pack when I was about 28 years old and I'm 57 now. I have had them off and on ever since. I just rabbit hunted with them. Never been to a Beagle field trial, but I used to have fox hounds and entered them sometimes.
  13. MackC

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    I'm 49 yrs old. My mama bought me my first beagles for my 16th birthday. 2 Grade red and white dogs. I've never been with-out a hound since. I've owned and hunted Beagles, Birddogs, Coonhounds, Foxhounds, Squirrel dogs, and about any other kind of hunting dog you can imagine. Right now I just have beagles and one fox/coyote dog. As a teenager I used to carry my beagles on a date with me and turn them loose and let them run while parking! Wonder of it all is I'm still married to that same girl! 30 yrs.!
  14. Echo Hill's

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    Well since everyone wants to date themselves here goes my story!!!!

    I was born to a father that loved Foxhounds and Beagles back in 1954. We had a yard full of rabbit beagles and up to 125 Walkers foxhounds for all my youth and my Dad would take me and my brothers hunting almost anytime he could get away from work. I moved out on my own at 18 but kept beagles right on along to hunt with till the earlier part of the 90s and started getting more interested in registered stock and started trialing. Kinda quit hunting rabbits and started chasing field trials but finally turned that around and started back gunning again. Seems to be alot more fun again.

    So I said all that to get to the real question......... 55 years with beagles!

  15. Rob Maynard

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    My dad got me my first beagle when I was 8 and now I'm 37 and can't see me not having one. I hunt and love going to trail. Been to alot of places and meet alot of nice people. Thanks dad