How important is the bloodline/pedigree to you?

Discussion in 'Breeding, Bloodlines, and Pedigrees' started by FB, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. FB

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    I used to just want a dog that would run but here in the last year or two Ive changed a little bit and want a dog that will run but that also has certain dogs in his pedigree..

    I think part of it is because I have enough dogs to go rabbit huntin' with now and part of it is because Im trying to do my own version of linebreeding and I need dogs bred a certain way for my "experiment".

    So what do yall think about it?
  2. plumber

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    I guess I love the history behind a dogs ped. Kinda like you own a piece of every hound that is behind yours. I no a ped. does not run a rabbit, but at least you no what made the dog if he is a good one, and so on. Just like you said makes for a solid breeding program if you no where you are going. :thumb:

  3. MackC

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    I like to buy Reg. dogs and have a pedigree of my dogs because when you buy a dog you are buying into that family. It helps you to know what to expect from the offspring. Same as with my kids, I want to know their girlfriend or boyfriend's family and their charactereistics.
  4. salzer mtn

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    I think a pedigree helps if you know the names of alot of dogs and their style of running. So if you see these dogs in a pedigree it will give you an idea of at least what style of dog to expect if you haven't already tried the dog out.
  5. Hippy

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    Western Md

    "Paper Dogs" are nice BUT they were all GRADE dogs at one time. THINK ABOUT IT !!!:smack:

    We all have seen good and bad in all registered and grade dogs the main thing is feed what you like.

  6. Spini Boys

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    They were all wolves at one time too, and we were all apes, The papers have been around for over 100 years, I think we have breed the grade dog out of them by now. I would rather know what I am getting. JMO