Hound's Report " Voice "

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by RKW, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. RKW

    RKW Active Member

    What type of voices do you like on a hound? :beagle::beagle::beagle:

  2. plumber

    plumber Active Member

  3. I like to hear a bawl like a coond dog bawl. But I got a little gypp with a really fast chop, and when she opens up, I smile and think to myself," I wouldn't take a million dollars for her." So I could go either way.
  4. dbounds

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  5. cdp

    cdp New Member

    i ve got one female with a squeek chop all the others are a freight balw. and like someone else said "when she opens i smile" cause i know a rabbit is on the way real quick
  6. Jeff Gammon

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  7. pa beagler

    pa beagler New Member

    a fast and steady chop is music to my ears!:clap:
  8. a good chop but a good bawl sound good too
  9. Spini Boys

    Spini Boys Moderator

    I want my hounds to have a fast steady chop, BUT I love the sound of a big bawl mouth like a coon dog.
  10. DismalDawg

    DismalDawg New Member

    I like a hard tearing mouth. I have a male jump dog that has a deep squalling mouth that will call rabbit dog for miles
  11. bglehound

    bglehound Active Member

    big bawl mouth does wonders for the soul!
  12. cgraham

    cgraham New Member

    I just like a mouth you can pick in a pack.
  13. Harp

    Harp Well-Known Member

    the chop mouth keeps it head down..chop all the way hog dog chop
  14. rosco

    rosco New Member

    Our fast pack sounds like two squeeky mice (chop) being chased by a train.
    Love that coon dog brawl.

    The rabbit says " what the heck "