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    What are the best hound movies of all time ?
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    I liked Where The Red Fern Grows. Of course don't forget Ole Yeller.


  3. Echo Hill's

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    Where The Red Fern Grows.... I actually named a pair of foxhound pups, Dan and Ann.... Wife says I cryed at the end but it was just my sinuses acting up. :wink:
  4. not a movie, but awesome books...true stories about a boy in , Mt judea,(pronounced "judy")newton county, arkansas. My sister is a health/p.e teacher there and her house sits in the same area these stories are written...
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    Where the red fern grows! watched it 4-5 times both versions. Don't really know of any other true hound movies.
  6. where the red fern grows
  7. Here goes a few more good dog movies. Sounder and Biscit Eater but the red fern 1 n 2 are some of my fav's.
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    My wife reminded me of another one. The fox and the hound.

    Red fern is my favorite.
  9. Where the Red Fern Grows was an awesome book and good movie. I also liked Savage Sam. Like someone else mentioned,I had a pair of dogs named Old Dan and Little Ann. I used this book in Arkansas History classes for years.
  10. Where the Red Fern Grows and Old Yeller,Savage Sam
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    Seen many grown men shed a tear to those first two. Watched Old Yeller with the whole family and there wasn't a dry eye in the house at the end.
  12. watched "where the red fern grows" for the first time with my family...all i could find was the new version (2003)..but, it still did the trick...i glanced at my 8year old son sitting next to me and saw his eyes get watery...as i fought back a tear myself, i asked him whats wrong...he said "its sad, cuz it reminds me of our dogs"...i just hugged him and smiled.
    the movie did give him an idea though...at the part where the boy works real hard,saves his money to buy his hounds...my son sat up real fast, (i could see the light bulb come on) he said, "i got an idea! i can save up for my very own hound!!" i just kinda glanced at my wife and got that 'what did you get us into' look.:D
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    Besides the ones mentioned, there were two Disney movies back in the late 60s early 70s that where really good but I have never seen them again. One was about a coon hound that got lost as a little pup and was raised by a mother coon and the other was about a dog that a boy found that he was trying to train to run foxes but all he would do was find box turtles. The dog looked like a wire haired German Short Hair Pointer and then turned out in the movie to be a great fox dog.

    Does anybody remember ever seeing these movies? I have looked for them everywhere? Don't remember their names either.
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    how about under dog, lol lemon and white. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
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