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My daughter sent me a couple pics last night. They aren’t rabbit hunt related but I wanted to share. Autumn is an awesome kid. I remember at 4 years old her little sister, her n I were catching pumpkinseed and bluegill. It was time to go and she said I had to wait. She’d caught 13 fish Skye (little sis) only 12. She put her rod away so Skye could catch up.
From maybe a year or so old she’d come to the kennels and help me wash them out every night. She’d actually cry if it was raining and I didn’t take her. Running dogs as a kid she’d sit on my shoulders and tally dogs to a line. She was my bird dog helper too working the blank gun upon flush.
Come trapping season we’d put her in a jet sled and drag her to check beaver and muskrat traps. She’s a good kid. I’ve actually never even yelled or been mad at her. She’s always trying to make everyone happy. She’s in her 3rd year of college now. Going to be physicians assistant.
Anyhow here’s 2 pics she sent. Unrelated to rabbit dogs but great memories. Hope ya don’t mind
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She should of drew a rabbit on your head. Neat that she was such a good helper, my son and daughter helped me when I was training my Brittany’s and GSP. Great memories!
I always wanted family involvement so when the holidays came around and we were talking family I did not want to hear,Yah Dad you were never home. We talked about family memories, love the time we spent and still spend together. This COVID put a damper on it for a while.
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