High Brace Big Females Northern WV Beagle Club Field Trial May 6th. 2018.....

Discussion in 'AKC' started by mcardery2k, May 12, 2018.

  1. Red

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  2. White

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  1. Nice run. Who was the winner of that brace?

  2. mcardery2k

    mcardery2k Active Member

    White Collar The Black and Tan dog.
  3. Great video as always. Thats the kind of GDB trial I'm looking for. I like how they were competing but stayed in control the whole time. I went to a trial a few months ago and was surprised how loose some of the dogs were running. To many breakdowns for me, but to each his own I guess. Might have to load up and run with you guys sometime. Where are u located in WV?
  4. outbackbob

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  5. thanks. My opinion also.
  6. TRK

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    I voted white. I was surprised when I voted there were more for red than white. I guess that shows you how differently people see the same things.
  7. mwitter

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    Fay nc
    I have also voted white but like you said everybody has an opinion and trials your opinion don’t matter the judges opinion matter which dog won in the trial by the way
  8. 10ACbeagler

    10ACbeagler Active Member

    Nothing really wrong with red collar but white was the winner imo.

    Mark I wish more people would video at triials.
  9. mcardery2k

    mcardery2k Active Member

    Our club is in Morgantown WV. Most of the clubs within a 100 mile area run similar dogs.
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  10. mcardery2k

    mcardery2k Active Member

    My opinion why the white color dog won. Both dogs did a nice job but red collar was willing to force her way to the front and make more mistakes while the white collar dog was more willing to just run the rabbit. When the red collar would force her way to the front she would miss it and be in more of a panic mode while the white collar would be more controlled and just stay on the line and run the rabbit. Once the white collar was on the front it seemed she could handle the front much better but red would always push back to the front with more movement. We all discussed it at the end of the trial and most all felt the same except for the owner of the red collar also a good friend of mine. That part was just me making a joke.
    That being said I think a lot of people like a more forceful dog but that is not how the rules are written.
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  11. JDW

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    I’m curious , Was that rabbit jumped just prior to the beginning of video ? Or had the hounds been trailing it for quite some time prior ?
  12. jeffro

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    Nice hounds But White was the winner for sure.Red pushed the white collar for the front repeatedly and kept giving it up after only a little bit.Really made the patience of the White collar stand out in my opinion.
  13. As the AKC rule book states: "Competitive Spirit is a desire to outdo running mates. It is a borderline quality that is an asset ONLY to the hound that is able to keep it under control and to concentrate on running the game rather than on beating the other hound. The overly competitive hound lacks such qualities as adaptability patience independence and cooperation and in its desire to excel is seldom accurate."