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  1. ok, i have a situation. recently my pups have been so stinkin noisy and just wont shut up in their kennel. if noone is in the backyard they are fine...but, its almost summer. we have a trampoline,swimming pool and 2 kids that love to play outside. whenever the pups see or hear someone out there, they scream like banshees and wont shut up. this is a problem. My wife is getting very frustrated and i dont blame her. i gotta keep momma happy. she has been very supportive of my beagles thus far and i wanna keep it that can i make these pups shut up!?!? please help!:banghead:
  2. some use shock collars and evertime they bark they shock them a little

  3. give it a shot and see if it works
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    Preacher, I don't know how old they are but I will tell what works for me is to condition them to the e-collar then teach them about the tone sound meaning that the next thing to come will be an uncomfortable light shock which they won't like and should cause them to be quiet. Then on my kennel I have installed a kennel silencer which you can find at the Nite Lite Co. When they bark it will make a tone and my dogs won't bark in the kennel.

    You will need to turn it off when you feed because they are going to bark at this time no matter what and you will diminish the effect of your training. It will be a little more difficult with the kids playing in the yard but it will work. My wife and I can go out in the yard and most of the time they will sit at the fence and watch us. This is not to say it is foolproof but they will get the message.

    Also, I don't have it turned on at all anymore unless they get too rowdy then I just turn it back on and they hush. You may even have to put the collar back on them a time or two as a reminder. I'm sure there are other ideas but after having hounds close to 50 years this works best for me. I don't like to whip dogs anymore. This is the easiest thing on me and them.

  5. thanks for the ideas guys, my wife is all for the e-collar...and i am definetly going to try some kind of kennel silencer.
  6. If they are small pups I wouldn't try this but I bought two dogtra no bark collars for a couple of grown dogs that like to bark in the kennel a little bit and I love them. It doesn't shock them, it's just a vibration with settings from 1-7. If they are older pups, depending on how big they are, you could use them. They are awsome! They will silence a barking dog!
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    I don't use the E collar to make them shut up.
    I keep the e collar for training in the field.

    I teach the tone to come to me.

    It may sound mean but I use a shot from the water hose to stop barking.

    It wont take them long to get the message. If they are small cotton country female pups
    They can stay in my kennel
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    Jamison, you're right they can't be to young. I put one on a mountain curr that barked 24/7 and he never slacked up. He even rubbed holes in his throat as deep as the prongs were long before I knew he had done it. I've still got it but I don't use it. I guess there wasn't enough stimulous to stop him. I tried spraying them with water hoses, beating them and throwing stones on top of the kennel, and anything you could think of in the past but those were only temporary fixes. A bark collar will work but some dogs may be too stubborn.

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    Roger, I've always wanted to try a kennel silencer. My question is does it have any effect on them in the field. I was always afraid it may cause them to be tight mouthed when I wanted them to bark. Have you seen any negitive effect in the field from using it in the kennel?
  10. I think mine is the ys300. I never put it on the highest setting. I think 6 was as high as I went. You not supposed to leave it on them for long periods of time because you have to put it on tight and it will rub them raw. When I first got them I left them on for about two weeks which is a little long but the barking was on my nerves and I've go neighbors. It really only took a night or two and there was no more barking. I took em off and maybe a month later they started barking again just a little and was testing it so I put it back on for a few nights and they have been good for a while now. Knock on wood! They would go crazy when I would walk to the pens to feed them too and they won't make a sound now. I'm sure they will test it again sometime but for now no more barking. It was funny when I first put it on them because I heard them tear loose that night and they got about two or three barks in and that thing came on and they squalled like you had hit em with a shock collar. They work for me really well.
  11. And no, it does not effect them in the field at all. It didn't mine anyway.
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    None, no effect what so ever in the field. It didn't have the proper effect though until I tone trained the dogs. When I get ready to pick up my hounds they come to me like they are on a string when I tone them. Just like they know when they have the collar on they know what the kennel silencer means and it is only a tone not electricity. That is why it works more efficiently when they are collar conditioned to the tone. I used to use a bark collar but one dog changed my mind about that as you can read in the earlier post. I have hunted coon dogs, fox dogs, bird dogs (talk about barking), squirrel dogs and beagles and have never had any dog affected negatively in the field.

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    Best thing to do is rig a sprinkler so it hits the kennel, when they start barking flip the switch, and they will B-line for the dog house. Works every time.:thumb:
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    I bought the Petsafe barking collars. They have six automatic levels of stimulation that's increased every few second if the dog keeps barking. The dogs usually learn within seconds. Just like the above posts, don't leave them on too long or they will wear holes through the skin. I've had 100% success with them on beagles as well as deer hounds. Never had them affect the dogs giving mouth in the field. I actually had a deer hound get out one night while wearing one. I caught him the next day. I know he was running cause he was out with another dog. LOL, don't know if he gave any mouth that night, but it did not affect his mouth when i later turned him loose without the collar on. Even ran him later with an e-collar on and he still gave his normal mouth when running.
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    I use the water-jet kennel silencer... It works wonders. You can buy the whole system on line. I got the idea off the espo site.
  16. i'm afraid i may have brought this on myself. for the past 6 weeks i have got the pups into a routine. when i go outside they know its time to play, then train for about 20 minutes and finally eat some grub once i put them back in their pen. you wouldnt beleive it, but when i let them out, those 3 month old pups will take off in a run, noses down, tails up, scouring the yard for any remnant of the scent from the rabbit hide i use. so maybe when they see me and the kids out there they are just itching to get out and hunt??:headscratch:
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    I use water. They hate getting dowsed with it. If the water thing don't work usually I get rid of them, don't matter how good they are. If they ain't got enough sense to shut up in the pen, are they going to have enough sense to shut up out of the pen.
  18. The water works if your out there, it doesn't work when your laying in bed in the middle of the night.
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    Thats why you put a silanode valve on and flip the switch from the inside:up: