help me name my pups

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    two females need names here is some of their pedigree woodside hikers spirit is sire and cedar branch rachel is dam Hiker is out of FC Gunsmoke's Hitchhiker and Honey Camp Bull Dot. Hitchhiker is out of Rob's Diamond II and Copperhead Sugar Babe. Dot is out of FC Still Waters Tiny Bull and H-L Controller's Hettie(FC Coleman's Line Controller. Rachel is out of Cedar Branch Pepper Jack and Ozark Mountain Diamond. Jack is out of Blue Steel Pepper Jack(FC In-Line Black Jack) and FC Cotton Creek's Little Frisky. Diamond is out of Ozark Mountain Storm and Green Acres Rachel. any help with names would be great
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    Whats you kennel name ?

  3. semohunter

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    dont have a kennel name just getting started
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    First I would either come up with a kennel name or uses your last name. If you choose a kennel name, I would try to think of one that is unique. As far as the individual name, I don't have any problems getting a name because I have three young ones that like to name them. They may not be conventional dog names and may get laughs when called at a filed trial but that is okay. Before I had kids I would usually look back in their pedigree and name them after a dog in their pedigree.
  5. RKW

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    Gunsmoke's Outrage ( Rage)

    Hitchiker's Revenge ( Reva )

  6. put semo for your kennel and put semo in front of your pups name
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    Let them have a little royality blood:

    Semo's Queen Elizabeth
    Semo's Princess Di
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    I heard an ol man say he likes short names.
    I ask him why.
    He said it makes it easier to fill out the trial card.
    He said Bo was the best male name and An with 1 n was the best female name.

    I lauged and laughed.
    Wisdom does come with age.
    Our kennel name is BK' s getem hounds
    Our new hounds are BK's getem Dan and BK's getem An.

    BK is my son's int.
    Guess where he came up with Dan and An ?
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    Where the Red Fern Grows - My All time best hound movie and Book.
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    You got it Bgle.
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    very good book and movie