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    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    With Summer kicking in high gear (106 heat index here today and no let up in sight), What do some of you guys do to help keep dogs cool?
    I freeze 16oz soda bottles and put in there water bowls each day and also run a big shop fan to keep air moving.
  2. MackC

    MackC Moderator

    When it gets real hot I put box fans attached to the kennels. Sometimes I put frozen gallon jugs of water behind or in front of the fan also. I go home at lunch and do it and again when I get home from work. But nothin beats a good shade tree.

  3. Circle4p

    Circle4p Well-Known Member

    Got mine under a big sweetgum and keep plenty of water
  4. smitchell

    smitchell Well-Known Member

    Shade tree, fresh water in the morning and evening.

    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    Fresh water is key to keeping them cool I believe and they will drink more if it’s cool water from my experience
  6. duke1

    duke1 Well-Known Member

    I believe shade is key also! Got my kennel under a mature cypress tree. Probably 20 degrees cooler under it without a breeze
  7. Bowguy 1

    Bowguy 1 Well-Known Member

    Well guys I hadn’t brought it up yet but I was gonna at next meeting. Hopefully JDW goes along W it. Regarding kennels and the run grounds. We should consider putting a dome over the running grounds and building kennels alike. . It’ll be like a climate controlled arena complete w cozy bleachers. We could have the lights on timers so the brush doesn’t grow too fast.
    I think it’s a good idea. What ya all think??
    Catwalks crossing the grounds would be great for judging too. Good idea yea??
    When did TJ get a promotion??? He just snuck it up on us!!

    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bowguy your a hoot!! And not sure it’s a promotion but will see. Since you brought it up!!!!The way I look at things is two-fold
    1) your either a leader or a follower- and felt it was time to either step up or step back. I’m not a quitter so that answered that.
    2)either you are part of the solution or part of the problem - I choose being part of the solution.
    I would encourage all of OUR great membership to read the rules and regulations that Admin recently posted in upper portion of Tailgate Forum.
    We are Family of Beaglers here and respect is what we are about. Let’s be a model example!!
  9. That

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    Mine are under shade trees & the ones that get a little more sun I have tarps over for more shade.
  10. Mine are also in shade all day, plus fresh water daily.
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  11. mitch huguet

    mitch huguet Well-Known Member

    I always make sure I keep plenty of fresh briars on all my dogs in the real hot weather.


    Just is case there is a weak one hiding in the bunch I can know exactly which one it is so I can sell them to a Field Trailer.
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    Mitch We can always count on you to share the bull!!! Lol
  13. Aubbietiger

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    I have mine under shade trees all day, and fresh water daily. If that’s not getting it done I have the wife out there with a church pew fan, fanning them on a regular time clock. If I want her to know that I’ll tell her.
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  14. Culverbeagles

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    Put a roof over my pens last fall. Fresh water 3 times a day and got a fan to put on em if it gets much worse. Tried the frozen water bottle but one gyp would take it out of the water bowl and put it in her house and try eating it
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  15. thefoxes85@hotmail.com

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    Mine are under shade, fresh water daily, and I put chunks of ice into their water buckets. Freeze 1/2 gal. milk jugs, break it up put in bucket. They will play and get pieces of ice to chew on.
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  16. Red dog 007

    Red dog 007 Well-Known Member

    man ya’ll making me feel bad. i got mine on the rambo plan. they under shade tree’s and i keep their water bowl filled up. some days they drink more than other’s.
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  17. Red dog 007

    Red dog 007 Well-Known Member

    tj i dont think he is kidding. we’ve all seen them little boy’s that was pampered and babbied by their moma. running in the house cause they fell or somebody pushed them down. naw sir, i dont want no softies here.
  18. wad

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    I dont think Mitch is kidding either.

    TJRANGER Super Moderator Staff Member

    I don’t either but still have to give him a hard time!!! Lol