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    Has anyone had dogs with heartworms and had any luck at getting rid of them? Have two females that just tested positive for them, love the dogs and really want to keep them. vet gave me preventative pills that are suppose to keep them from getting worse, but not get rid of them. I know some of you use the ivomec, and wondering what advice i might get. thanks.
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    My vet told me once to keep giving them ivomec and the adult worms would eventually die. The ivomec won't kill the adults but will kill the larva. I guess the adult worms die from old age eventually. I used a recommended remedy once on a foxhound that tested positive. It did work but does carry some risk. Give the dog an aspirin each day. Then give the dog 1/2 cc of atgaurd pig wormer crystals. It will kill the adult heart worms. continue the aspirin for another week. Give the dog some sort on antibiotic after treatment. Do not hunt the dog for 6 wks. I've only tried this on one dog but it did work.

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    Thanks mack, I might try that after season is over. I have gave them the pills for this month, so i would need to wait a while anyway.
  4. this is amazing. I have always been told the same thing about heartworms. Who would argue with a vet?
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    Thanks RKW, that was interesting. I guess if you used the ivomec the monthly dossage that i hear most people talk about is 2/10 of a cc every month, is that right.
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    That may be right for beagles but the dosage is weight sensitive. I quit using it and went to Heartgard for heartworms along with a normal worming schedule. I had a coondog treated for heartworms once and that is very hard on them.
  7. Lots of people use ivomec, has anybody ever used zemectrin gold? its a horse wormer with ivomectrin, but is supposed to get rid of roundworms and pinworms and tapeworms as well. Just wondering if anybody has had any luck with this.
  8. FB

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    The dosage Ive always heard on the Ivomec is 1/10 cc per 10 lbs so I just give em 2/10 every month.

    Ive got way too many dogs to use the Heartguard or something like that.

    Ive never used Zimectrin but every once in awhile Ill give my dogs Equimax which is also a horse wormer and it seems to work pretty good.
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    Thanks for the wesite Roger. The Old Country Vet makes a lot of since. My daughters called and asked what I wanted for my upcomming birthday and I asked them to order his book for me. I love to learn about different ways to treat sick or injured hounds!
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    You're :welcome: dbounds. I found that on another website and thought it was very informative. My personal Vet is a lot like him and uses common sense. He did however, tell me about a hunter who overdosed his dog with ivermectin and almost lost it a couple weeks ago. I've been using it for years myself and one day I carried my sons Lab to him and she had a few heartworms that he showed me on the microscope. This dog has been on ivermectin her entire life and she just turned 6. I decided that my dogs would be put on heartgard regardless of the cost. Pet Meds has Heartgard cheaper than any place I've seen. There is also a generic brand that might be ok but I have not tried it. We have so many mosquitoes dogs have to have protection.

  11. dbounds

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    I've used Ivomec for years had one dog come up with some wigglers and my vet said just keep giving him the Ivomec. Checked him 3 months later and he was clean. Vet said he might have thrown a dose up and the right skeeter bite him at the right time? He's 7 now and still going strong!
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    ive got a female at the house that has had ivomec since she was 6 months old came up postive last year just keep giving the ivomec and she can still pound a rabbit hasnt seem to hurt her a bit
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    Well, after reading all these posts I assume that i'm supposed to be giving worm medicine on a regular basis. I've only had beagles for a little over a year.I have given them worm medicine a couple of times. Just some that I bought at wally world and I don't remember now what kind it was. Would someone please tell me what to do and please forgive my ignorance on this matter.
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    Should I have posted this on a different thread or maybe started a new one? If so I will if need be.
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    i own this book and the dog owners little black book. i go to the black book more than old country vet. but they are both excellent books
  16. FB

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    Especially living in the south, most people give their dogs heartworm preventative once a month.

    If you only have a few dogs you can get a pill from your vet.

    If you have a lot of dogs you can buy a bottle of Ivomec Cattle Wormer and give your dog 1/10 cc per 10 lbs of weight. For a 20 lb beagle, youd give 2/10, 30 lb 3/10, etc. Keep in mind that is tenths of a cc, not a full cc.

    Apparently it burns or tastes bad and most dogs dont like the taste so I usually get whatever we have in the refrigerator at the time (tea, orange juice, apple juice or whatever) and after I pull the correct dosage into the syringe Ill put some of the juice, tea, etc. in it.

    Open the dogs mouth and squirt it toward the back of the mouth, then hold their head up a little bit and pet em till your sure they swallowed it.

    Some people might have a totally different way but thats how I do it.
  17. BRamsey

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    Thanks, FB that sounds pretty easy so i'll get started asap.Does that cover the other kinds of worms also or do I need something different for them?
  18. FB

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    Its mostly for heartworms but its also supposed to help with hookworms too.

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    I have used Zimmectrin Gold for years and it works, great never have had a dog test positive so far, fingers crossed. For beagles once a month about the size of an average green pea given orally.