Hearing too much Mouth!!

Discussion in 'Rabbit Hunting and Beagling' started by 12Gauge, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. 12Gauge

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    I have a young dog that has developed a problem of being mouthy at times. Some days you go out all is ok, other days she wants to bark alot on track and she is mouthy on checks also. Is this something that can be corrected?
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    I call this in a dog, too much mouth also. Some people call it cold nosed. Some people say run them alot and it will help, it might but if you stand them up for a little while they start it again. Also if you run them with another mouthy dog it only makes it worse. I think it is breed in them to do this, i have seen litter mates, one would be mouthy and the other one would be straight with it's mouth, both started at the same time so i know it wasn't just a bad habbit picked up by one.

  3. BRamsey

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    Hey 12 Gauge, I just brought a dog home yesterday to try out from a field trial that I went to. She is a very pretty Gay Baker/Dingus Mcrae 11 month old pup. She is exactly what i've been looking for but she has the same problem that yours has. Probably worse because she barks when there is no rabbit. My other dogs confirmed it several times today. I guess that's why the guy only wants 50 dollars for her. I think she is only ukc registered. Anyway the guy that I went with said that I may be able to shock her out of it. I tryed it some today but I don't know if it did any good. I messed up one time because as I was bumping her with the collar she jumped a rabbit. So I guess you have to be very careful with the shocking. Good luck with your dog.
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    If they smell a rabbit, and produce one in short order, I do not have a problem with it.:up: I watched one of my males bark in a lane were a rabbit was feeding before daylight, and he walked it over to a brush pile, and out pops the rabbit. I fiqure the track was at least 2 hours old.
  5. BRamsey

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    I'm sure 12 gauge and I know that I would appreciate some more info from yall old school beaglers on this topic.
  6. 12Gauge

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    It wouldn't hurt my feeling at all!!
  7. This has been a problem with several of my dogs when they were pups. Usually between four and six mths. they bark alot and at every little scent they come across. Plus they are excited when you first let out. Does it seem to be worse then? Mine always was. But they have all grown out of it. JMO
  8. FB

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    Ive had dogs that grew out of it or at least got better as they got older and more experienced and Ive had em that got worse as they got older and more experienced. :smack:

    I can tolerate it a little bit of it if they produce something pretty quick but if they dont, or bark in the check area when they dont have anything, I dont want em.
  9. well said :clap:
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    I've heard that this is contagious, there have been several people known to have the same symptoms. :fit::fit::fit:

  11. Hippy

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    Western Md
    When their Nose is BIGGER than their BRAIN :smack: you will get this. I have a Platinum bred SPO style dog that has the "Too little Brain" Syndrome. I have seen him on Frost trail 100yds before the Rabbit gets up. If you can stand the mouth. He is REALLY good on snow and will produce most of the Rabbits we jump on the snow.

    That is the ONLY reason he lives HERE !!!

  12. I observe my dog (7mth) while following line. He is totally silent during this period. When he reaches the point where the line is fresher (who knows where he considers it fresher?), he begins his squealing/broken bawl. When he see's the rabbit, it's all out bawling. I would guess this is a reasonable scenting process:headscratch:
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    12ga, whats the pedigree on your hound?
  14. Bglenut

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    Most hounds will work them selves out of being a little mouthy. Most of them have a better nose than other hounds. They just need time to learn how to control the mouth when they smell scent and only bark when the scent is stronger.
  15. Jeff Gammon

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    Patience is the key to success in a lot of applications, and beagles are no exception. Alot of people give up on a pup to soon. I am not making excuses for a mouthy dog, I can't stand one, but I have seen people give up to soon on young dogs
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    patience is the key but fb hit the nail on the head
  17. 12Gauge

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    Blackcreek/ Black Jack cross
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    I have 2 dogs that I consider "cold nosed" I like them but on a frosty morning they will drive you crazy, I have a 14 month old dog off of the cold nosed male and when he was just starting he would get wound up and bark through the checks, that is one thing I personally would not stand for but I gave him a season and he is a great little hound now, the thing with a cold nosed dog is can you distinguish between the trailing and running, if they "pop off" trailing I can live with it but if they burn a cold track up like it was on fire i wouldnt like it, I guess the key is what can you live with I dont have the luxury of moving alot of dogs so I tolerate more than most
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    cold nose

    i have heard that the shorts pro line has alot of mouth is there anything to this i see alot of shorts in trialing dogs havnt ever see one run personally
  20. I turn my puppies loose on a rabbit about 4 evenings a week. I find them on my property with a flashlight. This way I know what they are running. After a couple of months I load them on the 4-wheeler and go find a deer. Turn them loose with an e-collar on. If they start sniffing around I'll bumpem on 2 or 3. If they open and try to run 5 or 6. I don't like to wait until I'm hunting to try and make the call. That could take to long and even 1 minute is to long.