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Head count of blackcreek owners

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Let us hear if you own any blackcreek beagles and how many.

Jeff Gammon 5 grown dogs and 4 pups
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Michael Gerace: Mona's Blackcreek Big Boss Bruiser(Rob's Blackcreek Double Duce X Rob's Blackcreek Peggy Sue)
Mona's Blackcreek Little Sally Girl(Rob's Blackcreek Double Duce X Griffin's Searchin Black Angel)
Blackcreek owner

I have one and he is only 1/2 blackcreek. Blackcreek/Reaper looks like he should make a nice hound has only been out a few times, isn't started yet but showing interest.

I really love the Blackcreeks, but in my area only the culls come up for sale. I will not buy some of the crooked front end dogs or the shy ones that are culled. I do see myself owning Blackcreeks in the future though. Just have to many other dogs now that I really like to switch over.


Good morning fellow houndsmen. I'am up early got to go to work here in a bit. Freddie nice site, thanks for helping me get on here. I have nine blackcreek, six that are running and three not started. Later derrell
Ive got 4 running females, one just started 6 month old female, and a male and female pup that are Blackcreek.

Ive also got several other dogs and pups that are bred along AKC SPO bloodlines.
I have in my pen 3 males at this time. (Teddy Mac) which most of yall no, (Cooter) Got him from Robbie he is out of Butlers Marvin, then there is (FLY) he is just a pup and in the starting pen right now. He has taken to it like a duck to water. He is out of my gyp Autumn and Motto. Next I have 4 grown females of which are. (Fed-X) and (Lock-on) they are sisters and out of Bridges Honky Tonk and Bridges Rabbit Road Fannie. (Autumn) is out of Jabbo and Sugs Mountain Top Liza Jane. Next is (Blackcreeks Black Betty) got her from coach, she is out of Goss Blackfork Rascal and Goss Blackfork Sassy. I also have 4 very young female pups out of Teddy Mac, and Fed-x.:D:thumb::clap:
I have 13 a baker's dozen 4 males and 3 puppies
I has two females and one male full BC and two female and two male that have BC in them
I'm down to around 30 ? or so Blackcreek/Skullforks. Not counting pups. Still trimming down.

I have been breeding three females at the house this week.

One is being bred to FC Bayou Blue Cajun D-BO.

The other two are being bred to FC Cotton Country BO-D.

I sold 4 young big males and one young big female that will trial to judges this past year. One that is old enough has placed for them in the one trial he was entered in. The others look pretty nice so far. Just need some age.

I have three little males and one little female that are half Blackcreek and half Stubby that just started 2 weeks ago. These look good so far. I going to keep the female. I only keep females.

Mitch Huguet
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I have about 9 blackcreeks, most are out of hilltop black ace and cotton country black joker linebred, and persimmon creek bloodline which is Glynn's
I had one once does that count? I would own another if I get the chance, but there aren't many around where Im at. Maybe I will breed to one someday. Ive heard a lot of great things about them.
I currently have seven beagles. Two are 3/4ths Black Creek, two are 1/2 Black Creek and one is about 3/8ths Black Creek. I plan to breed one of the 1/2 Black Creeks to a full Black Creek the next time she comes in.

February is about the only month I get to hunt really hard because of deer season. When we started running all day day two and three days in a row, I found that the Black Creek dogs could take the hard running better than the other bloodlines. There is no quit in them. They are really tough.
Out of the 5 beagles I have 3 are 90% to 95% Blackcreek Breed.

**** Most hounds today are not 100% Blackcreek bred. Most have crosses with Gay Baker, Stubby or anothe cross in the pedigree. ****

I am Breeding a 7/8 BC female to my Major Pain male or Bo-D when she comes back into heat.

David N. Riley II - Bglenut
Briarcreek Beagles
Madison, Ms

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For LBT Beagles it goes something like this.I have 5 - 3 males and 2 females. Brian has 6- 1 male and 5 females. Mitchell has 7 total- 3 are Blackcreeks- 1 male 2 females.
I have 9 that are 1/2 blackcreek or greater.
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