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Good Picture with the young Man!!! I hope he can enjoy rabbit hunting and the Sport of Beagling as I did. In him I can see myself at his age carrying my grandfather's single shot Remington drop block 22 Cal. with rat shot in it. When I was 9 I killed my first rabbit with it. Stung the rabbit with the rat shot in the neck and it started running in small circles. The dogs caught it. Christmas was in a few days and my 10th. Birthday on the 28th. Guess what I got for Christmas and my Birthday!!!! Yes, a 20 gauge Shotgun. I went to town on the rabbits after that. I killed more rabbits with that shotgun then I killed with any of the others I have owned. I gave the 20 gauge to my youngest son. I hope he can pass it on to his. It's got a lot of scratches and shows it has been hunted a lot, but still as ready for many more hunts.
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