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  1. I grew up in the same house my dad did, on the same land as my grandpa and great-grandpa in the old rock springs community of harrison,ar. known as "Happy Holler" to us Wilson's...in the late 1800's early 1900's, there was a little church down there, where all the folks would go and get "happy"...

    My family has always been into small game, my dad grew up running dogs. whether it was rabbit hunting with my great uncle's beagles, coon hunting with the ole coonhounds or "possum huntin", where they'd turn every old mutt in the holler loose to see what came up. By the time i became old enough to hunt, those numbers were reduced to one lonely beagle. but, boy could she run. Since then, the Wilson's havent heard that sweet sound of hounds running. My Grandpa and Great Uncles are long gone, people up and down the holler sold out and old hunting grounds are slowly turning into lots for $400,000+ homes for people that know nothing of the land's history. As you know, i bought two male pups about a month ago. My dad has even bought a little female. bringing the total up to three. my 11 year old daughter is showing interest and my 7 year old son is crazy about it.

    now, as we talk about dogs and dream about next season, i can see the same kid-like excitement in my dad's eyes as i see in my son. Today my son said something that made me grin from ear to ear...we were playing with the pups and they were so excited to be out they were bawling and whimpering alittle. i said, "son, i sure do like the sound of them pups barking'...(now, take in mind, these are my son's first beagles) thats when he said it, "yeah dad, its like music"...thats when it hit me, the tradition is gonna live on and come next season the music will be heard once again in Happy Holler!

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    Think about how proud your dad is ?
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    That's a good story to hear Preacher, I'm glad you are going to continue the tradition with your family. There is something special about sharing quality time with your children as the memories of your youth reminded you. They will remember these times like you did. My son and daughter-in-law went hunting with me and his mom last night for a while. As we were standing listening to the hounds we looked at each other and I could tell he was remembering all of the times we had shared together in the past. Josh is not one for a lot of words but he started telling his wife Lauren several hunting stories from his youth. So when you think they are taking the time you get to spend with them for granted smile because they are making memories.

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