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I never saw him run but I can tell you that he has a lot of old field trial dogs that were excellent. His breeder, Jimmy Hagan, is a HOF member who has a history of making the right crosses. I have him in a pedigree of one of my bitches. I plan on breeding her to Todd Odle's FC Nate the Great when she comes in. Todd Odle is also a HOF field trialer who has a background of breeding good dogs. You can shake the theory of titles and honors from a dog's pedigree but they must have done a few things right or they wouldn't have been recognized and used by men who have a solid background of making crosses. The two men mentioned above have been doing it for over thirty years in the UBGF, Deep South, Midwest, etc. all of those years. History in a pedigree carries a lot of weight with me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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