GYPSY..ITS ON!!!!!!..04-15-10 video

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by blubeagle, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. RKW

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    Pup's looking good and working hard.


  2. I am proud of YOU both.You two compliment each other and the best days are ahead of you,in competition events,hunting and camaraderie with others in the sport of beagling.The little gal brings her heritage to the forefront and her owner is going to make sure she gets all the opportunity she possible can to be tops in her clan..
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    great video nice looking pup
  4. daveh

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    good job and nice hound:up:
  5. good work!:thumb: and good looking little hound too! ya 2 pups are right behind her at about 3 months/15days old...ive been meaning to take them out and jump a wild rabbit, after watching this now, i have to!:D:wink:
  6. i have this spot...not big enough to hunt...and to close to the road!!!!...but every morning i see 4 rabbits hopping around these 2 thickets! i thought ...why not!!...i knew my pup wouldnt push them to i have been taking her there every morning i can!!! got a real bloody tail this morning!!!...LOL...she is getting better and more determined every time!!!...i had to run her down this morning...i had to go...and she just wouldnt quit!!!...LOL
  7. well guys...i was just watching these videos again and thinking about how much she has progressed in the last 3 months...i am going to try to get her some more solo time...and i will to get some updated video!!...thanks for watching!!!
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    Blubeagle dont let that little girl get snake bit out there waiting on new video of her. :beagle:
  9. i know...i am always worried about that this time of year!!...but hey...what can you do??...she needs tracks??
  10. great video and great looking pup she works really hard keep it up blubeagle
  11. John Taylor

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    Beautiful pup!!!!! full of energy. Sure she will mature into a nice rabbit dog for sure. Pup has guts and use of mouth is good, determined to account for the rabbit. Nice spot to start pups. Can't wait to see the end results with maturity.

    Best of luck with that beautiful pup!!!