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  1. MackC

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    I see alot of gundogs with "Gunsmoke" in the pedigree. Especially southern dogs. Anyone have any good history on the breeder of these dogs and where they originated?
  2. nutbush

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    Depend's on what part of the country they come from. I know Jim Byrum has his kennel name as Gunsmoke. He is from Mississippi. He mainly raises PP bred dogs: Tadpole, JD, the older weircreek hounds. There is also a man that has Gunsmoke as his kennel name but I don't know where he is from. You see some of his dogs in AKC trial dogs.

  3. beagleman01

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    been with nkc/arha since 1992, and mr jim byrum has had gunsmoke kennels since before then. he lives in belmont ms