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  1. What is everyones choice of gun when they go hunting-----I always grab the over and under 28 gauge or the light 20
  2. Crofford

    Crofford New Member

    Remington model 1100 LT 20 or 870 28ga

  3. I have the same lt 20----sweet gun
  4. I have a 20 gauge auto. It works great.:thumb:
  5. Just bought a winchester 140 20 ga. auto. Im gonna see how I like it. Hunted the last few years with a old stevens pump 20 ga. dad bought me when I was 12 I am 43 now. I used to think I had to cary a heavy 12 ga., but the older I get the lighter I like it. Before long I will be like dad and cary a .410
  6. 20 ga. pump & 410-45 pistal:clap:
  7. catignor

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    started with .410, then moved to 20ga, then old stevens single shot 16ga with a 38 inch barrel full choke (killed my first rabbit with this when i was 8), then moved to 870 12ga, but now am finding the ted williams auto 20 is perfect
  8. well i only have one shotgun so.... iguess it would be a mossberg 500 12gauge with a mod choke in it
  9. I shoot a Winchester 9410. Love that little gun all to pieces.
  10. 870 remington pump that I got in a trade for three beagles pups about 18 years ago
  11. Owl Creek

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    20 GA. 870 pump with sling.
    i would like to have a 410 or 28 or 20 GA. side by side.
    i think they are cool.
    i would love to have a CZ ring neck but if i paid that kind of price
    i would not want to hunt with it for fear of scrathing it up....LOL
    but i like my 870 i just throw it across my back an put my hand in my pockets
    drink coffee or take a vidieo till we get a rabbit up.
  12. Mossberg 500 20 guage or charles daly 20 guage field hunter semi-auto.
  13. i have a few shotguns that i like to rabbit hunt with but my favorite is a over under 28 guage