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Thanks for visiting the site but if youll take about two minutes and register youll be able to utilize many more features of the site, plus youll be able to see forums that you arent allowed to view as a Guest.

Youll be able to search threads, use Private Messaging, view the Calendar, and much more.

Registration is fast, simple, and best of all free.

Just go the main page of the site and in the top corner type in a name that you want to use (you can use your real name or a nickname) and a password.

Youll be taken to a page where youll have to enter your email address (it must be a valid address but its not made public and we wont sell or giveout any information you give us) and make a few choices about how you want to view the forum, click Submit, and youre a Member with all posting rights and privledges.

If you have any problems send us an email and we'll help you any way we can.
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