Great Video For A Judging Seminar

Discussion in 'Judges Chambers' started by mcardery2k, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. maokusa

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    That was a closely matched brace each hound did quality work during the run! I agree that's a good video for judges to evaluate!

  2. ORANGE collar gets the win! Wow, but nice brace. I wish I could jet out with my Boogie dog and just run him with the girls. He is my male out of Dark Outlaw. Just for His experience.
    The speed difference of winter gun hunts you guys do, down by the road and I think there is that river down in the bottoms, and a RR track up above the road, is a marked difference as the circled rabbits come up and cross the road.
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  3. maokusa

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    Lol, I thought black collar won. I guess it's all in each person perception of what they see. I tend to look for what I perceive as faults more so than others I think. It was a well matched brace!
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    I think you can agree with both of you guys. Orange collar "Abby is a little more aggressive and makes a few mistakes but controls more of the rabbit. EZ just runs the rabbit & almost makes no mistakes. Both dogs are very intelligent dogs but EZ is like her daddy. She just seems to know things before they happen. It is unfair for me to judge the dogs because I almost know what they are going to do before it happens. I can see the wheels turning in EZ'S head. I spend so much time running behind these dogs and watching videos there is not much they can do I have not seen. That is why I like to get other opinions to keep me from being kennel blind.
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    Good race Mark. They were able to account for their rabbit. Although they were generally pretty similar in style they were also different in several ways. The orange collar dog scored heavy on finding checks and also made some good turns. She also wanted to keep more pressure on the rabbit. The green collar dog was straighter and seemed to have a little better flow and had a good inside out check pattern. Green collar dog was also more accurate with her mouth. If you ran them 10 times under different judges you would probably get different results. I'm not even sure which one I would pick the winner, however I really like a dog that is straight on the line so I might pick the green collar dog.
  6. Great video for judging

    In the world of speed vs. style, line control and accomplishment, speed should never be a factor unless it accomplishes more than style. Line control simply accommodates results. I like a dog that stays in control and keeps the line in front. If a dog can do that with more speed that is great, especially if you are out to kill.

    It is easy to become negative in judging, often because we score style over accomplishment. JMO.

    Larry Dunn
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    I learned tough dry conditions are not tough dry conditions when the sun is coming up and the hounds are shaking the morning dew from their ears. I learned some hounds will continue to give tongue while working through checks to straighten out the line, seeming to never brake down. I learned the phrase "there you go" is used as often as needed until proven right without a marked line... lol... but alas, I forgot we were running those tricky pen rabbits.
    Can't wait to see them on a hare, that should get the hitch out of their hop and make the term "running a rabbit" more real. They'll be good rough rabbitdawgs then... ;-)
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    You know Patch you hit on a pet peeve of mine. I love an honest mouthed hound, to me if your not advancing the track silence is golden. To me that is the single most common fault seen and tolerated by field trial Beaglers. When conditions are tough mistakes can cause lost rabbits and pulling hounds away from where the rabbit went is definitely a mistake! I don't care for rough running hounds but agree 100% on the clean honest mouth.
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    I just happened to run across this old post & this is for people who have to see a marked line. Mouthy dogs at it again barking through the checks just where the rabbit went....
  10. I still enjoy this video mcardery2k,its one of those that i can look at over and over again, you have nice dogs sir,:up: