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We filled all 3 of our deer tags this year. Epi harvested a buck in Dec. and button buck Monday (antlerless season). I harvested a doe this morning, first deer I have harvested in over 5 years. I have always just loved watching Epi shoot.

I am so proud of him, at 19 he is quite an established outdoorsman, houndsman, hunter and trapper. With my health causing me some walking issues he insisted that I deer hunt. He helped me drag the deer and clean it. He helps with the hounds, he trapped on his own this year and let me tag along.
The child is now the mentor! I am so proud of him!

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Congratulations !!!!! We need young men like him to take our place. If not the sporting aspect of the outdoors will disappear. My two sons didn't like to hunt or fish. I tried to get them interested. At the time 3 wheelers were in. My older son told me, "Dad if I had my own 3 wheeler I would like it better" I bought him one. It didn't help much. Next he said "if I had a better gun" I bought him one. Worked for a couple outings but he really wasn't interested. It was the same with fishing. My younger son also got his own 3 wheeler and I passed on a nice gun I had for myself to him. He showed less interest. If they could of come and just ride the 3 wheelers they would of had fun, but when hunting it doesn't work that way!!!
My Daughter actually wanted me to buy her a gun, but she was to small to fire a High Powered Rifle or Shotgun. I did buy her a BB gun when she was around five years old and later a pellet gun. She could hit the bullseye every time. I never took her hunting though. When it came to fishing I couldn't leave the house without her and she became quiet a fisherwoman. Today she is married to a fisherman. I doubt that she could fire a High Powered Rifle, she has two children of her own now, but I doubt she weighs over 100 lbs. Still loves fishing though and her children 4 and 6 years old like fishing and the outdoors. Her 6 year old son is a darn good bass fisherman. He is surely better then I am.
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