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This is my third season with my little pack of beagle hounds. Something I've noticed, but not figured out completely, is the fact that some days are good running days, and some bad. Take for instance, Sunday afternoon, I went to a spot and run for about an hour and a half, jumped three rabbits, and the dogs ran all three over me at least twice a piece. One dog wouldn't even come back to the truck at dark, had to go back couple hours later, and he was still hot on a rabbit. So today we go there and take a shotgun this time, nothin. couple little barks, but no race, not even one. They couldn't smell. Is it the wind? Thats what I chalked it up too. Anyway, whats been your experience, whats a good running day , and whats a bad running day?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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