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Good running/bad running

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This is my third season with my little pack of beagle hounds. Something I've noticed, but not figured out completely, is the fact that some days are good running days, and some bad. Take for instance, Sunday afternoon, I went to a spot and run for about an hour and a half, jumped three rabbits, and the dogs ran all three over me at least twice a piece. One dog wouldn't even come back to the truck at dark, had to go back couple hours later, and he was still hot on a rabbit. So today we go there and take a shotgun this time, nothin. couple little barks, but no race, not even one. They couldn't smell. Is it the wind? Thats what I chalked it up too. Anyway, whats been your experience, whats a good running day , and whats a bad running day?
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I wish I could figure out a dogs nose.

Ive gone on days that conditions looked perfect and theyd act like they couldnt smell nothin'. Then get out there when its dry and youd think theyd have trouble and theyd smoke one.
same here runs for hours in certain spots go back the next day and cant run for nothing, have seen days you put them on a rabbit you have seen and they cant run it. makes a man wonder sometimes....lol
have seen days you put them on a rabbit you have seen and they cant run it
I never thought Id admit on an internet message board for all the world to see but Ive had that happen more than once. Put em right where you saw it and they act like your crazy.
I have a fireplace

I seen a post a while back on if smoke was rising out of a chimney the track was hard to run and if it floated low tracks would be better to run. After I seen this post I have been paying attention to my chuimney before I leave to go run rabbits and so far this old tail tails true.
Some days I am so proud of my dogs and sometimes I dont think they are worth a nickel. I was hunting last week had some good running that day went 2 days later had just turned them out saw a rabbit come out of a brush pile and turn around and go back in it. Less than 5 minites later 3 of my dogs crossed the rabbits trail and not 1 of them smelled him. I cant figure it out.
Some days I think I have the best dogs in the world they do everything right and then some days I think I have the most worthless rabbit dogs ever.I don't know why one day they can run and the next they can't.I guess until we can smell the way a dog does it will remain a mystery.:headscratch:
i hope this will help some of you. i have used this as a guied for quiet some time.

Good Scenting Conditions

When the ground is wet
High Humidity
When the air is colder than the ground
When snow or frost is forthcoming
When the smoke from a garden fire or a chimney stays low and does not rise
When the hunted animal is running upwind
In the fog/mist
Unplowed Fields
Vegetation after killing frost
Running Rabbits (when the game is moving)
When temperatures are 30-70 Degrees Fahrenheit (especially 30-40 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Wet Snow
Shaded Areas
Light breeze

Bad Scenting Conditions

When the ground is dry
Low Humidity
When the weather is stormy/unsettled

When the air is warmer than the ground
When the frost is coming out of the ground
When there is a strong wind
When there is heavy rain
Roads, concrete and hard, dry ground will not hold scent for long
Strong Sunlight
Plowed Fields
Thick green vegetation
Sitting Rabbits (especially when the rabbits are sitting tightly)
Extreme Heat or Cold
Dry Snow
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today was one of those good days. They couldn't loose a rabbit. Makes it hard to get em in the truck to leave though. :thumb:
Today in North La , We had a heavy frost and when the wind got up, it was out of the east. First pack we ran struggled at times especially on the more open areas . Very hit and miss type of running, I blamed it on my 2 bone heads cause Lane Rugg only had 2 down with them so I must have been messing them up! LOL...... Next we ran 4 15" females of Lane's in a different place about a half mile over and they pounded their rabbit for a couple of hours. Totally different race.....next; We decided to go back to the original spot to run 5 Big males of Lane's to prove just how bad my 2 really were, at least I think that was what We were doing??? They started off exactly like the first pack, except they totally lost their first rabbit after some very hit and miss running. We then moved them over about 300 yards and they hooked up and ran one solid for a couple hours till he locked up and they caught him. Now being the rabbit running experts that we are, We believe you can not run a rabbit in a east wind with frost at the first spot especially if my 2 are in there.

I'm going back in the morning to do some more research.

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Hey guys could you send that good running north. We have 3" of snow that looks like a sheet of ice and rabbits that are laughing at the dogs trying to run them.hehe
I know there are good and bad scenting conditions that factor into running rabbits, but is the game moving? I have had some of the best squirrel dogs you could carry to the woods and when squirrels were moving you stayed treed and killed a sack full of squirrels. On the other side of that if squirrels were not moving you wouldn't give $0.15 for the dog. Some days are definately better than others for scenting but any day you get to hunt is a GOOD DAY! hat::hat::hat:
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