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I dont know how the best way to keep track of these is going to be but every now and then someone makes a post that doesnt need to just go away in the archives of old threads and be lost.

Maybe we can use this thread to keep an ongoing record of them so that not only new beaglers but also some of the old timers might be able to look through and learn something from someone else's experience.

Here are some that I think others need to see to get the thread started.

The first three were by huguejm and were in the thread Strongest Blackcreek Blood:

People don't sell their very best. They may sell you a good one if you are keen enough to know a good one when you see it but you had better bring you wallet. Folks with top notch hounds that they bred of any kind have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and years and years of their lives to get the good ones the have. You won't get them but if they like you you may get a pup.
The other thing is be careful with your money and make sure you get to see for yourself. Don't believe what you here believe what you see. Lots of real good folks down here that will help you when they can.
If your bitch don't hunt Hard enough for you and you want MORE HUNT by all means CULL that bitch and get a Bitch that has the hunt you like no matter what she costs. You will never regret it. If you don't you will be asking the some ole thing the rest of your life who has a stud that puts hunt in his pups.
Same thread but posted by Rob's Blackcreek;

I find breeding my own & keeping the best is about the only way you`ll get what your looking for cause no one is going to sell you there best or perfect dog
Echo Hill's

Nothing like kids and beagle pups.... Keep them together and can't much go wrong.. Enjoy them while they are still there with you... They both grow up so fast .
Any thing worth feeding can solo without any problems after a few tries. Just have patience and it should come naturally. This is a good way to determine a hound's natural speed, some go slower when soloed than they do in a pack situation but should make fewer mistakes.
This is what took me out of trialing. I guess when I said I burned out, I was more disappointed that you had to pick trials to attend based on who was judging. I gave up judging because I refuse to argue with my judging partner over some idiot hound that he loves and says is his type of hound when nothing in the AKC rulebook substantiates that sucker staying down. Too many winners packs require multiple rabbits just to sort out 5 placing hounds in my opinion. All trials are not that way and I still would trial but I would rather go to any place that was holding a trial without worrying about judges. And yes, there are many interpretations of the rule book, I have a future thread in mind where I will elaborate.

There is no perfect hound out there aleastI have never seen or judged a perfect hound according to any rule book. I judged on experience of following many many packs and tried to apply the rule book standards as best as possible on that given day and that isn't always the case with some of our younger judges today.
As you guys see and read others please copy and paste them in this thread.
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