Getting one bred ...

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  1. Bglenut

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  2. Hoot

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    Hope all goes according to plan for you bglenut:up:

  3. bglehound

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    With both sire and dam of the pups bred Shorts on the bottom you may be getting some pups with some legs on them 13" + , good luck with the breeding :up:
  4. Bglenut

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    She is about 12 3/4" to 13" - Shooter is about 12 3/4"

    I bred her to a 11 1/2" male 1 1/2 years ago and one male went big and rest stayed about 12" to 13".

    Robert - You can get the biggest male if you want.
  5. Dave

    let me know if ya want to move anything off that litter.

    I decided not to breed until January.
  6. Bglenut

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    ok - I will let you know.

    I will keep a pair and I know terry wants 1 or 2. So anyothers will be forsale.
  7. Havard

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    Good luck with the pups. Looks like a good cross.

    Chris Havard
  8. if you put me on the list first after Terrry id greatly appreciate it

  9. Bglenut

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    Well I will see what I can do. It really all depends on what other people have to offer.

    I am looking for some blackcreek females to breed to my FC Briarcreek Major Pain male.

    I will trade pup or pups for a Blackcreek female.

    That will get you above "ME" on the list.
  10. i dont have any blackcreeks!!! well they have some blackcreek but more gay than anything. i do have a male off that "chicot" dog you called ronnie lebouef about. he's looking pretty good though. big nose and mouth. coming along nicely for next years derby. his dame is out boldcreek billy b and choptalk eye candy.