getting a dog gunbroke

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    I have a bluetick beagle that runs very good. he is only bout 18 months old. While runnin him one day a guy shot a high powered rifle and i beleive the percussion scared him. I killed his first rabbitt over him yesterday and after the shot he got scared and knelt in the brush. Will he get over it with time or is there somthin else I can do?
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    Ive heard of people curing that problem but Ive never been able to do it myself.

    I start as pups and make alot of racket around em. Drop feed pans, slam doors, etc. Just get em used to loud unexplained noises.

    The first time I shoot around em I make sure theyre hot on the trail of a rabbit, a fairly good distance away from me, and running with older, experienced dogs that wont react negatively. Ive yet to raise one that was gunshy but Ive bought a few before that turned out to be that way.

    I used to have labs and Id feed em, then back off a long ways and shoot a gun while they were eating, then over a few days time Id gradually move closer to em before I shot and before too long the shot wouldnt faze em. You might try that and see if it works.

    Good luck with it.

  3. I start with fire crackers while there off a good bit runnen i`ll lite a few. Then i start doen it closer & closer
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    Gun Shy

    I came home one 4th of July to find poped bottle rockets in my pen. While away the neighbors kids had shot them at my dogs. Needless to say it bothered one of my young gyps. She wouldn't run off when a gun fired, but she would quit and come out for a while. I got a blank pistol and my pens were about 60 yards from my house. I would fire the pistol up by the house and walk straight to the pen and give here a raw hotdog. After about 6 days she would be up on the fence waiting for her hotdog when she heard the shot!
  5. Most any dog is "gunshy" at first. As long as he don't tuck his tail between his legs and beat it to the truck, I think he'll be fine. I'd just try and make sure he was on a rabbit pretty hot before firing. He'll soon learn to associate the shot with the tasty treat ahead.