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This is where my girl looks at me like I’m crazy. Some think I’m insensitive too but in my mind that’s the problem w our society nowadays. A little pain we brood on it. I know it’s not the jist of thread so understand I’m knocking no one.
My uncle was a good man. He used to say young men talk about things that don’t work. Old men mention the few things that do and keep going.
As a kid he had bull riding injuries that ruptured parts of him, he had eye damage, bucked off a horse and they actually cut the bone out and made his hand shorter. He’d still rope and tie calves at near 70 years old. He than team roped w my cousin his daughter. Split wood by hand right til the end.
I remember my other uncle had a farm in Connecticut. He broke his back as a kid. Never was fixed. He had a curved to it. Eventually it started crushing his sternum. He’d hay a field by hand. Had no car. He’d milk by hand, carry hay to barn to stack it, pump water was all he had along with a wood stove and one outlet. I never heard him complain once either. The roosters would spur his back. It’d get infected, my grandmother would clean and put dressing on it but we were there only during summer so often it just festered. He had to walk over a mile to mailbox. Ain’t that a great life though?
God bless the old folks and they’re mentality.
Gotta say one thing about this forum, I’ve had a brain injury that left dark spots I call them in my memory. Sometimes things like this post help me remember. Once I remember things stay normally w me. But this forum jogs means relatively often. Thank you guys
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