gettin' all set up

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  1. Well, everything seems to be going pretty smoothe so far. To start with, my wife let me get those pups awhile back(a miracle in itself:D), then, i looked around and found a nice used dog pen, which she let me buy, i talked the guy out of it for 60 bucks. My dad was able to talk my mom into buying a little female pup for himself. and then, to top it all off, i had told my wife about the old boy i bought my pups from having a dog box for sale. i was supposed to "build one" myself, but, she called yesterday and set it up for me to buy it! The ole' boy really has been workin with me alot, cut me a great deal and sold it to me for 75 dollars! It feels good to be gettin' all set up, now, i just cant wait for these pups to get grown and runnin rabbits!
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    Enjoy and Have Fun

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    Hows them pups ?
  4. they are doin great. just really noisy right now, tryin to keep them from driving my wife crazy from all the barking.. but other than that, at 3months old, they are already perfect brace mates, they'll follow a line all across my yard to find the old rabbit hide i use. rascal, the black one, is fast and tends to be a few steps ahead, snoozer (brown one) may be a little slower, but he is always right there to pick up the check and keep them right on track. they amaze me already.
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    A water hose will take care of the noise.
    If it gets bad enough your wife will do it for you.
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    litting bit of spray from water hose works great