gay bloodlines

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  1. i raise the gay bloodline and i have a sufficient ammount of knowlege about it i guess 20 years in one line of hounds will do that for you
  2. Bill Hutto

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    I notice that you have a young female, Jenkins Creek Gay Mandy that is off of Blackberry Creek Gay Stuby and Blackberry Creek Lady Bug KT. Just wondering how she is progressing. I own a litter mate male to her, Rock Hills Gay Kobe. He is really doing great in all areas except mouth. Not as strong as I would like, but then they are still pups. For a male, Kobe is going to be a nice little rabbit dog.:thumb:

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    Looking for breeders of the Gay Baker bloodline in Mississippi , anyone have any information about the location of any?:beagle:
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    Sry don't know many in MS, but Robin Stillman and Bill Jones have the most pure gay bred hounds of anyone I know.