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New updates are as follows:
Astro 320 version: 4.60
Astro 430 version: 3.20
Alpha 100 version: 7.10

Only the Big TT 15 and T5 have updates: new version 3.90. Please note: it's not a critical update - so if things are working fine, let'em ride. :0)

No updates for the Garmin Mini TT 15 or Mini T5 at this time, the current version is still 2.90.

Regular Huntview Cards are not able to be ordered. We have a limited supply in some states (website will be updated). All HuntView Cards will now be HuntView Plus. The 'Plus' means, you still get the birdseye, landowner information BUT you also get Game Management areas. In order to use HuntView Plus - you MUST update your Astro 320/430/Alpha 100. HuntView Plus will NOT work in Astro 220.

PRO 550 Plus: Selling like hotcakes. Max of 3 dogs. Tells distance and direction, dedicated tone button, uses Big or Mini TT15 or T5 collars. PRO 550 Plus WILL NOT work with DC 40, DC 50 collars nor can you track a handheld with it - just the collars. Bundle with Big or Mini TT 15 is $649.99.

Mike Franklin
918-633-3519 / 601-856-5169
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