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    Just wondering how you set up the training buttons on your garmin. I have mine set up like the G3 trashbreaker. One dog per page with Momentary, Continuous, and Tone and dog 2 on page 2 and etc. I have a friend that sets each button on tone; one dog per button. Just wondering what do you like and what works best and advantages.
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    I run m
    I run mine in the same manner that you have yours set up. I tried the other way and to me it just seemed way more of a pain to operate when running more than one dog.

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    I run mine the same as well. I've had the system for two years. I have one complaint. If you don't lock the screen you hit buttons on acident
    That remove your dog. I let mine flap around on a lanyard. Does this hapen if you secure them on a hunting coat
    Made to hold it ??
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    I use a gizmo vest, it's just a soft case with a lanyard & a clip. The one thing that stopped the accidental button push was the shatter proof glass. You do have to push a little harder because it takes some of the sensitivity away but not a issue with bumping the buttons any more.
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    I have two gizzmo vest id sell .one used for one afternoon the other new in in color.35.00 for both or 20.00 for pay shipping.
  6. I have mine set up one button per dog, and for the most part all are set on tone then I work up from there if needed. I find this quicker when running a pack rather then going through 5-6 different pages.
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    Thanks guys. Good advice as always.
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    Where are you from beagler86? Grew up in Pocahontas Ar and ran a lot in S Mo. Hunted around Doniphan a lot.
  10. Im in Birch Tree. About an hour north of Doniphan. I was down there last weekend in acouple of conservation areas after swampers.

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    Awesome! Plan on getting up there before season end. Used to run a lot along river.