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Gammon and Croossroads

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I went to Jonesboro and picked up to Black Creek male pups off of Jeff Gammon I just want to give credit where credit is do. These were two of the healthiest pups I have ever seen in my life and Jeff and his Wife really have there stuff together I just want to say thanks and a Job well done.:clap:Then I made my way to Valonia and met up with Crossroads and unbelievably the pup I bought off of him was as healthy as Mr. Gammons amasing to me I have bought alot of pups in my life. I have never seen three pups as fat and healthy as these to gentleman had. I just want to thank both of you for a good job yall have done raising these pups. I would be glad to be a referance for both of you if yall need me yall have my number feel free to give it out.
Black creek owner Larry Sanders :clap:
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Thanks for the good comments....I try to put alot of effort into raising good pups
Glad your happy with all 3 of your pups Larry. When you will really be happy is when they start and as you watch them progress. Best of luck,

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